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Victim Compensation/Restitution

Restorative justice underscores the need for victims' harms to be repaired to the extent possible. Compensation and restitution are two ways this may be done.

New law compensates 'cold case' victims
from Patrick Cronin's article in Seacoast Online: Rep. Renny Cushing said he saw one shortcoming in the bill signed into law last year establishing for the first time in the state's history a Cold Case Unit assigned to work exclusively on unsolved murder cases. The Democratic state representative from Hampton said the bill didn't address the needs of surviving victims who may be traumatized by the reopening of an investigation into their loved ones death. That is why he sponsored a bill, which became law three weeks ago, that allows family of cold case homicides to be eligible for victim compensation regardless of the date of the crime.
Victim assistance
Lisa, The best link for APAC is Of course, if you read portuguese you can visit Don't underestimate the amount of victim involvement [...]
Brasilian prison project & restorative justice
Thank you, Lynette. Is there a direct link to APAC that you can provide? I am glad the project has some kind of victim assistance [...]
APAC link
Hi, Lorenn, I'm sorry that link didn't work. Try this one Lynette
APAC and Victims
Lisa, Thanks for your comments. APAC does not use Sycamore Tree Project. However, it has an office of victim assistance. So, on one hand they [...]
APAC prison & victims
Hello, Lynette. Thank you for your post about APAC in Brasil. I was drawn to the work being done in Brasil since I first I [...]
Thanks for this further information Lynn--it was amazing experiencing the APAC prisons...they are more like clean and sober group homes and communities than prisons. The [...]
APAC's sucess
Lorenn, Thanks for the comment. You are right about APAC's successes in helping the recuperandos change their lives and reintegrate into society. It's amazing just [...]
Principles and stories
Billy, thanks for your comments. I think you are right and there is a need to explain how approaching crime and wrong doing from a [...]
Young in prison
Gary, thanks for your kind words about the article and the work of PFI. I agree with your statements on the need to remember that [...]
Thank you for this Lynn. It is a sad commentary to assume there is no hope for people, especially youth. And thank you for writing [...]
restorative Justice
A clear reasoned statement. It may be time to spell out the principles and to tell the stories of the various forms of restorative approaches [...]
Prisons - rehabilitation - justice
Lynn is both articulate and accurate and I have nothing to add to her comments - I have the honor of knowing the PFI programs [...]
Prisons, rehabilitation and justice
by Lynette Parker Recently, I read an article about the struggles faced by the state of Florida after the US Supreme Court banned sentences of life without parole for juveniles who do not kill anyone. In the discussion over the need to revisit cases and re-sentence the offenders, one retired judge was quoted: “There are no resources in prisons for rehabilitation,'' the former judge said. ``You give him 30 years, and he'll get out when he's 45, what's he going to do? Re-offend. Some people, regardless of their age, need to be put away forever.”
Parallel Justice for Victims of Crime
by Eric Assur Not too many years ago Restorative Justice (RJ) was introduced, or artfully expounded on, by Howard Zehr. Now we have what appears to be a similarly unique view of the victim of crime topic through new and different lenses. The author, a seasoned and well credentialed victim advocate, and the “National Center” now offer an enlightening commentary and daunting challenge regarding the state of victim services. The book recommends a new way to do business, a paradigm shift to what is now labeled, Parallel Justice (PJ).
European Commission's Victims' Package: Consultation on taking action on rights, support and protection of victims of crime and violence
from the European Commission's Freedom, Security and Justice area: The Commission intends to adopt a package of measures, including a Directive on minimum standards for victims of crime, in the first half of 2011 in particular to replace the 2001 Framework Decision on the standing of victims. This consultation gives stakeholders the opportunity to present their views about which concrete actions could be developed at EU level that would bring real added value. It will also give the Commission an insight into concrete experiences of those working with victims of crime, particularly regarding the difficulties they encounter when assisting victims and the problems faced by those victims. The Commission is looking in particular for reliable data, factual information and specific real-life examples, regarding both problems and solutions.
caring for both victim and offender
Hi Lisa, I agree with you absolutely. We can and must care for both victim and offender equally and, in practice, sadly we care for [...]
Can you work for the victim and the offender?
by Lisa Rea I had two things happen to me recently that gave me pause. It is the story of two people. One is the story of a crime victim. The other is a story of an ex-offender. The crime victim lost her husband to murder years ago in California. I've known this woman largely via email for many years as we both have worked for justice reform. This victim worked for an organization in California that often took positions regarding prison and sentencing policies than have not been positions I could support as an advocate of restorative justice. But regardless, she and I have been "friends". In time, I believe she saw me as a supporter of crime victims, something that I have worked hard to be. She was a good person and a nice human being.
priest abuse
Earlier I searched for an example of a priest abuse case using restorative justice and I did find one case reported in Rhode Island.The story [...]
RJ: victims centered or offender focused?
Lynette, good to link that project (the Listening Project). I think those who practice restorative justice, or advocate for it, need to always check themselves [...]

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