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Victim Assistance

A primary principle of restorative justice is that crime causes injuries and justice should repair those. Victim assistance is a way of both limiting and beginning to repair those injuries. These articles and resources concern efforts to offer support and assistance to crime victims.

Victims’ rights and restorative justice: Is there a common ground?
from the article by John Lash on Juvenile Justice Information Exchange: Last week my column on the resentencing of juveniles who had received life without parole drew a comment from the National Organization of Victims of Juvenile Lifers (NOVJL). The commenter had a legal argument in opposition to my own view, but more striking, at least to me, was the sentence that asked how I am going to, “support, inform, and not re-traumatize the devastated victims’ families left behind in these horrible crimes.”
gun violence & restorative justice
Thank you for your comments. I cannot speak for Nick and Amanda Wilcox whose daughter, Laura, was killed by a mentally ill man but I [...]
Laura's Law
Lisa and others, as a current student of Criminal Justice it has been my belief all along that our justice system has left behind the [...]
I’m sorry for your pain Christina, may you find strength to overcome.
@Laura All I know, is I believe in restorative justice with all my heart but as a survivor of childhood sexual assault and rape as [...]
Was my father a monster ???
 My father Robert Power, whom I have only exchanged about 10-15 letters with since I found out who the man that I spent my whole [...]
Moving beyond sides: The power and potential of a new public safety policy paradigm
from the executive summary by David Rogers and Kerry Naughton: Many factors have shaped state and federal public safety policies in the United States over the past twenty-five years. The most notable influence has been the widespread adoption of a tough on crime philosophy. While there is now a wealth of research that shows that tough on crime policies are not the most effective approach to public safety and actually create a serious opportunity-cost for reducing crime and victimization, the tough on crime philosophy has become part of the political and public consciousness across the United States.
Response to Laura Leah's comment
I'm sorry but you are ignorant. I was sexually abused as a child, by a close relative, and although I forgave him, that does not [...]
Victims: never too late for restorative justice
Responding to Manny's comments, in my work with victims of violent crime I have learned that it is never too late for victims to take [...]
I believe RJ is the way but in this case I believe it would be hard for the victims to get closure or their needs [...]
Standing Committee
from Wilma Derksen's entry on Bittersweet: I am meeting with the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights this morning. This is what I will be saying. Thank you, Mr. Chair. I am pleased to have this opportunity to address you and the rest of the committee regarding Bill C-10, The Safe Streets & Community Act. ....My daughter, Candace, was 13 years old when she was abducted and found murdered six weeks later. We lived without knowing the details of what happened for two decades.
Penn state: holding offenders accountable
Laura, I understand your comments. I, too, am a person of faith which is why I am passionate about restorative justice. However, in the cases [...]
Penn State victims/offenders restoration and healing
Hi Lisa. I completely agree that victims' needs must be a major consideration in any RJ events. I also need to remember though that the [...]
Penn State victims/offenders restoration and healing
Hi Lisa. I completely agree that victims' needs must be a major consideration in any RJ events. I also need to remember though that the [...]
RJ is the way!
Lisa I want to begin by saying this is a very interesting article. When I read the opening paragraph I was not at all shocked [...]
Penn State and the victims
Laura, interesting response to my column. As an advocate of restorative justice for 20 years I embrace RJ and believe it is applicable to all [...]
Penn State child.abuse issue: last.sentence.of my earlier reply
Forgiveness has no statute of limitations but until it happens we are all and will remain victims.
Penn State child sex abuse
Hardly a restorative approach to condemn in this way. Almost all abusers have also been abused as well in their early years. Forgiveness offers everything [...]
Penn State's response to child sexual abuse: What about the victims?
by Lisa Rea As the story comes out in more detail about the alleged sexual abuse of children by Jerry Sandusky, former assistant football coach at Penn State, the coverage of the story seems to be more about the actions of veteran coach Joe Paterno--his resignation or the university's decision to fire him.
The offer of restorative justice to victims of violent crime: Should it be protective or proactive?
from the study by Jo_Anne Wemmers and Tinneke Van Camp: The victims in our sample suggest generalizing the offer of restorative justice to all victims. Themselves victims of very serious crimes, they experienced the beneficial impact of participation in a restorative intervention. However, while they believe that all victims should be informed about restorative opportunities, they emphasize that victims have to feel ready to participate in such programs.

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