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Victim Assistance

A primary principle of restorative justice is that crime causes injuries and justice should repair those. Victim assistance is a way of both limiting and beginning to repair those injuries. These articles and resources concern efforts to offer support and assistance to crime victims.

Tuck, Inez and Anderson, Lorraine and Schubert, Christine M and Baliko, Beverly. A Pilot Study of a Weekend Retreat Intervention for Family Survivors of Homicide
Homicide causes negative unintended consequences for family survivors.Family survivors face complicated grief and overwhelming loss with minimal support from others.The authors offered a retreat intervention as a way to ameliorate the effects of the homicidal death for family survivors of homicide.An explor- atory longitudinal pilot study examined the feasibility and acceptability of the intervention and explored the impact of the TOZI© Healing intervention on participants’ distress symptoms. Eight family members participated in the 2-day retreat and completed surveys at five time intervals over 30 months. Descrip- tive statistics and correlations were used to analyze the data.Although sample sizes were too small to achieve statistical significance, changes on selected holistic health outcomes, supported by overwhelmingly positive focus group responses to the intervention, affirm the need for further study.(Author's Abstract)

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