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Role plays using restorative practices

These role play scenarios offer the opportunity to experience the dynamics of a restorative process.

Trainer's Guide: Practice Conference Scenarios
Part of a training curriculum created by the Minnesota Department of Corrections, these role-play scenarios provide opportunities for individuals to experience the dynamics of a restorative process. Scenarios include damage to property; road rage; DUI; and Burglary.
Liebmann, Marian. Training in Uganda: Developing a VOM/Conferencing Model
The paper focuses on the presenter’s recent visit to Uganda to cofacilitate, with a Ugandan trainer, training in victim-offender mediation. It took place over three weeks-first training three groups from different places, then training one of these groups to be trainers and, finally, coaching them to run a course in their own community. This account will highlight the Uganda Children Statute 1996 (more restorative than any European legislation), cultural issues in developing an appropriate VOM/conferencing model for Uganda, and the place of training in achieving sustainability.
T. Fletcher and Miller, L and Braswell, Michael C. Human Relations in Corrections.
An overview and seven cases address ethical problems from the perspective of court professionals; a family court judge must use discretion in a child abuse case, and other cases require deciding the appropriate purpose and limits of a presentence investigation and determining the consequences for a repeat juvenile offender. Another overview and seven cases involve correctional situations from a variety of community perspectives. The school teacher who has a disruptive student, the minister who has a parishioner who is an ex-offender, and the community halfway house director all confront correctional problems in their communities. The next seven cases and text provide insight into the world of inmates. The cases include decisions about becoming involved in illegal drug trafficking in prison, whether to report the victimization of an inmate, how to respond to the special favors being offered by an older inmate, how to respond to gang conflict, whether to participate in an inmate protest, and preparation for release. Another seven cases and text focus on some of the demands placed on the typical correctional officer. Crisis intervention skills, peer group pressures, and riot control are some of the situations presented. A variety of professional and personal situations correctional counselors typically encounter are presented in seven cases. Dealing with inmate depression, anger, and deception, as well as with the counselor's own sense of frustration are among the situations confronted by the correctional counselor. Remaining cases deal with correctional ethics in general and complex decisions confronted by the correctional administrator. Discussion questions follow each case. New to this edition are cases that address the privatization of correctional institutions, prison unions, liability of correctional personnel for offender suicides during incarceration, alternative sentencing, and the relationship between overcrowding and the threat of AIDS.
Minnesota Department of Corrections. Facilitating Restorative Group Conferences. Trainer’s Guide Practice Conference Scenarios
The Minnesota Department of Corrections has produced a set of practical materials to guide people who are training others in facilitation of restorative group conferences. The 'Practice Conference Scenarios' part provides numerous situations to practice the facilitation of a restorative conference. Each role-playing scenario describes an offense or wrongdoing, as well as roles for participants in the conference. Among many practice scenarios are the following: driving while intoxicated; felony menacing; disrespectful student; bullying; truancy; school assault; damage to property; intra-familial theft; stolen truck; vacation burglary; construction arson; and burglary of a dwelling.

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