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Making Amends

Crime causes harm and the justice response should work to repair those harms. A significant responsibility for that lies with the offender. These articles address some of the ways by which offenders make amends for what they have done.
Articles and other resources on the nature and meaning of apology in restorative justice.
Articles and other resources related to restitution orders and the role of probation officers in seeing that the orders are complied with.
Backgrounder on Restitution
A short article on the history, definition, benefits, implementation, and evaluation of restitution with additional observations concerning how restitution can be used restoratively.
Backgrounder on Community Service
Community service can be used restoratively and it can be used "anti-restoratively." It can help an offender make amends for a related kind of harm committed against the community, but it can also be used to shame and humiliate the offender. This short article explores the history, definition, purposes, implementation and evaluation of restorative community service.
Amends While in Prison
Repairing harm means making amends. This can be done in many ways, ranging from an apology to a financial settlement. Articles on the variety of ways prisoners can make amends to their victims and to the community while they are in prison.

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