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Video Reviews

These video resources have been reviewed on Restorative Justice Online.

Video Review: Journey Toward Forgiveness
This 58-minute video presents the voices of people who have experienced the anger and bitterness of losing a loved one and chosen forgiveness.
Video Review: Breaking Bows and Arrows.
This documentary offers a gripping and powerful picture of the traditional processes that have helped build peace in Bougainville after the civil war. It provides a wonderful complement to the articles in this edition of Restorative Justice Online because it allows the viewer to watch the processes described and explored in those articles.
Video Review: The Road to Healing: An Introduction to Restorative Justice & Alternative Dispute Resolution
The South African NGO Khulisa works toward building stronger communities and addressing crime in a way that brings healing. This video highlights Khulisa’s work with restorative justice and offers an excellent introduction to restorative justice.
Video Review: Widening the Circle: The Family Group Decision Making Experience
The use of restorative process to address domestic violence has been hotly debated. This 43 minute video begins with a dramatization of one case of family violence and shows how Family Group Conferencing offers families the opportunity to develop their own solutions.
Video Review: Beyond Conviction
Beyond Conviction tells the stories of three Pennsylvania prisoners who met with their victims or victim survivors to answer questions and take responsibility for their actions.
Video Review: Pathways to Permanence: Introduction to Mediation, Family Group Conferencing, and Concurrent Planning.
Child protection cases are frequently addressed in adversarial court processes concentrating on family weaknesses. They can result in children spending years in foster care. This introductory video explores alternatives to this court-based approach, including family group conferencing and mediation.
Video Review: Introducing Restorative Justice: A Positive Approach in Schools
This video contains four segments that explain how restorative justice can be used in schools and demonstrates the positive impact it can have on discipline and hence on its overall environment.
Video Review: Communities and the Challenge of Conflict: New Perspectives on Restorative Justice
Communities and the Challenge of Conflict offers a brief overview of restorative justice and of a number of the issues surrounding its implementation. It was designed to lead into group discussion, and it is highly suited for that purpose.
Video Review: Victim Offender Mediation and Conferencing: A Multi-Method Approach
This 22 minute informational video offers an introduction to restorative justice processes and the importance of fostering dialogue to help victims and offenders respond to crime.
Video Review: Glimmer of Hope
Glimmer of Hope follows the journey of healing for one family after the rape and murder of their 18 year old daughter and sister.
Video Reviews: Gacaca: Living Together in Rwanda? & In Rwanda We Say… The Family That Does Not Speak Dies
The Rwandan government chose to use an indigenous conflict resolution process to try many of the suspects held for genocide crimes. These two films provide a window into the human experiences of those crimes and the difficult task of rebuilding a nation, communities, and personal relationships in their aftermath.
Video Review: Red Hook Justice
This 55 minute documentary describes the efforts of the Red Hook Community Justice Center to bring defendants, court officials and local community members together to overcome the endemic problems in their Brooklyn, New York community.
Video Review: Beyond Zero Tolerance: Restorative Practices in Schools
Beyond Zero Tolerance explores the applicability of restorative practices in a school setting.
Video Review: Burning Bridges
This 35 minute documentary begins with news reports of the arson of an historic wooden covered bridge in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and the eventual apprehension of six local, college age men who set the fire. The focus of the video, however, is made up of footage of a restorative conference conducted by the International Institute for Restorative Practices. It concludes with television news footage after the sentencing.
Video Review: Restorative Justice: Victim Empowerment through Mediation and Dialogue
This video presents three crime victims talking about their experiences and feelings related to their crimes and to victim offender mediation.
Video Review: Restorative Justice: For Victims, Communities and Offenders
Restorative Justice: For Victims, Communities and Offenders provides a 25 minute presentation on restorative justice, its key programs, and how it addresses problems found in the criminal justice system.
A Healing River: An Invitation to Explore Restorative Justice Values and Principles
A Healing River is an excellent training resource for introducing groups to restorative justice. Designed to be viewed either in segments or at one time, it deals with issues such as trauma, recovery, and the psychology of the restorative process.
A Justice That Heals
This one hour documentary explores the aftermath of a senseless murder of a 19-year-old young man named Andrew Young by 18-year-old Mario Ramos. It centers on Mario’s parish priest, Fr. Bob Oldershaw, as he confronted the reality that this terrible act was committed by a member of his church, and further, that the family of the victim lived in the very neighbourhood of the church.

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