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Community and Restorative Justice

Instructor: Hal Nees. School: Metropolitan State College of Denver. Date: Not Noted. Description: This course is an overview of community and restorative justice. At the end of the course students will be able to: describe the basic elements of the criminal justice system, will be able to list and describe the basic principles of community and restorative justice and will be able to evaluate restorative justice programs to determine if the program is meeting or following the basic principles of restorative justice.

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            <p class="bolditem" align="center">Related Links</p>
            <p class="sm" align="center"><a href="">Restorative 
            Justice Resources</a></p>
            <p align="center"><span class="body"><span class="sm"><a href="">Other 
            <p class="sm" align="center"><a href="">Advising 
            <p align="center"><span class="body"><a class="sm" href="">Office 
            <p class="sm" align="center"><a href="">Contact 
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            <p class="headerB" align="center">Community and Restorative 
            Justice<br>CJC 190C<br></p>
            <hr align="center" size="1" width="75%" noshade="noshade">

            <p align="center"><b class="body"><a href="">Jump 
            to&nbsp;Course Content</a> </b></p>
            <p align="center"><b>Note: Sample Syllabus from last time course 
            <p class="body" align="left"><span class="bolditem">Overview:</span> </p>
            <p class="body" align="left">This course is an overview of community and 
            restorative justice. At the end of the course students will be able 
            to: describe the basic elements of the criminal justice system, will 
            be able to list and describe the basic principles of community and 
            restorative justice and will be able to evaluate restorative justice 
            programs to determine if the program is meeting or following the 
            basic principles of restorative justice. </p>
            <p class="bolditem" align="left">Textbook Requirements:</p>
            <p class="body" align="left">Daniel Van Ness, Karen Heetderks Strong, 
            <i>Restoring Justice</i>, Anderson Publishing Co., 1997 </p>
            <p class="body" align="left"><span class="bolditem">General:</span> It is 
            expected that students will read the assigned material. Class 
            discussions and lectures will build on the readings. It is expected 
            that work submitted for the course will be the work of the students 
            and that the work is intended for the specific course. You are 
            expected to attend class. </p>
            <p class="body" align="left"><span class="bolditem">Grade Scale:</span> 
              <p class="body">90+ = A<br>80 - 89 = B<br>70 - 79 = C<br>60 - 69 
              =D<br>59 (and below) = F</p></blockquote>
            <p class="body" align="left"><span class="bolditem">Student 
            Evaluation:</span> </p>
              <p class="body">Paper and Presentation = 35 points maximum</p>
              <p class="body">Reaction Papers (4) = 20 points maximum</p>
              <p class="body">Mid-term (take home) = 10 points maximum</p>
              <p class="body">Final Exam (take home) = 25 points maximum</p>
              <p class="body">Class participation = 10 points</p></blockquote>
            <p class="body"><b>Note:</b> All late and extra credit papers are due 
            no later than the last day of the class. No papers will be accepted 
            after the end of the last day of class. </p>
            <p class="body"><span class="bolditem">Extra Credit:</span> Students who 
            visit the Writing Center prior to submitting the first paper and 
            have them review the paper, make changes, as recommended, and attach 
            the Writing Center slip will get five additional points for the 
            first paper only. </p>
            <p class="body"><span class="bolditem">Requirements:</span> </p>
            <p class="body" align="left">1) Exams: Exams will include material from 
            the text, the class discussions and lectures. They will be short 
            answer and problem solution. </p>
            <p class="body" align="left">2) Analytic/Reaction Papes: Four short 
            papers are due covering topics discussed in class. They can not be 
            more than four pages and two cites from the text are required. The 
            papers must use the following format:</p>
            <p class="body" align="left">A) Description of topic</p>
            <p class="body" align="left">B) Position taken by author</p>
            <p class="body" align="left">C) Justification</p>
            <p class="body" align="left">D) Summary</p>
            <p class="body" align="left">All papers must be typed.</p>
            <p class="bolditem" align="left">Attendance: <span class="body">Attendance 
            will be taken in class. If you miss more than two (3) classes, your 
            total points will be reduced by five points. If you miss additional 
            classes your total points will be lowered by two (2) points per 
            class missed. All missed classes are counted as missed. While I do 
            care about your reason, if you wish to inform me of the reason, 
            still all classes missed are counted as missed. </span></p>
            <p class="bolditem" align="left">Late Work: <span class="body">Papers are 
            considered late if they are not turned in by the end of the class 
            that they are due. Late papers will have one point taken off the 
            total earned. No papers will be accepted after the last day of 
            <p class="body"><span class="bolditem">Class participation:</span> </p>
            <p class="body">Ten percent of the grade for the class will be based 
            on class participation. The scale on the next page will be used to 
            evaluate the number of points that you will receive for class 
            participation. </p>
            <p class="body"><span class="bolditem">Low:</span> </p>
              <p><span class="body">1) Did not make any comments about subject 
              matter during class. <br><br>2) Was not able to answer questions 
              when called on by the instructor. <br><br>3) Did not participate 
              in groups when used in class</span>. </p></blockquote>
            <p><span class="bolditem">Medium:</span> </p>
              <p><span class="body">1) Volunteered to respond to questions a few 
              times (two or three).</span></p>
              <p><span class="body">2) Provided a qualified (correct) answer when 
              called on by instructor. </span></p>
              <p><span class="body">3) Participated in group discussions. 
            <p><span class="bolditem">High:</span> </p>
              <p><span class="body">1) Volunteered to respond to questions by 
              instructor at least 80% of the time. </span></p>
              <p><span class="body">2) Provided complete and well-thought out 
              answers to questions. </span></p>
              <p><span class="body">3) Participated fully in groups, acted as a 
              leader, keeping the group on track, and presented the information 
              developed to the class. </span></p></blockquote>
            <p class="bolditem" align="left">&nbsp;</p>
            <p class="bolditem" align="left">Other: <span class="body">Students 
            desiring a reasonable accommodation under the American with 
            Disabilities Act must contact me immediately to discuss their needs. 
            Failure to notify the instructor in a timely manner of the need for 
            a reasonable accommodation may hinder the college's ability to 
            assist students in successfully completing the course. </span></p>
            <p class="bolditem" align="left"><span class="body">If you need to miss a 
            class due to a religious holiday observance, please notify me in 
            writing during the first two weeks of the semester. </span></p>
            <p class="bolditem" align="left"><span class="body">NC (No Credit) 
            indicates that student has withdrawn or is not able to complete the 
            course work. You must notify the instructor in writing if you are 
            withdrawing from a class. The grade of NC may be given until the 
            midterm, upon request. You are responsible for completing the 
            required forms and turning them in to the registrar. </span></p>
            <p class="bolditem" align="left"><span class="body">For further 
            information about The Metropolitan State College of Denver policies 
            around attendance and classroom policy please see the Student 
            Handbook, the Catalogue and the Bulletin. </span></p>
            <p class="bolditem" align="left">Tasks to be completed by students: </p>
            <p class="bolditem" align="left"><span class="body">Read the book - 
            Criminal Investigations. </span></p>
            <p class="bolditem" align="left"><span class="body">Complete exams. 
            <p class="bolditem" align="left"><span class="body">Complete the class 
            project, topic presentation, investigative review paper and the 
            responding officer report. Attend and participate in the class. 
            <p class="body" align="left"><a name="req"></a><span class="bolditem">Course 
            <table border="1" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2" width="100%">
                <td width="17%">
                  <div class="bolditem" align="center">Week Of:</div></td>
                <td width="61%">
                  <div class="bolditem" align="center">Topics:</div></td></tr>
                <td width="17%">
                  <div class="body" align="center">1</div></td>
                <td valign="center" width="61%">
                  <div align="center">
                  <p align="left"><span class="body">Overview and review of the 
                  current justice system structure and purpose. </span></p>
                  <p align="left"><span class="body">A) Description of the justice 
                  system, how it functions and case flow. </span></p>
                  <p align="left"><span class="body">B) Impact of the justice system 
                  on communities, victims and offenders. </span></p></div></td></tr>
                <td width="17%">
                  <div class="body" align="center">2</div></td>
                <td valign="center" width="61%">
                  <div class="body" align="left">
                  <p>What We Have Now and Why We Keep It</p>
                  <p>Chapter One</p></div></td></tr>
                <td width="17%">
                  <div class="body" align="center">3</div></td>
                <td valign="center" width="61%">
                  <div class="body" align="left">
                  <p>Alternatives to the Justice System</p>
                  <p>Chapter Two</p></div></td></tr>
                <td width="17%">
                  <div class="body" align="center">4</div></td>
                <td class="body" width="61%">
                  <p>Overview of Community and Restorative Justice</p>
                  <p>Chapter 3</p>
                  <p>One Page Project proposal due February 8, 2001</p>
                  <p><a href="">Power 
                  Point Files Week of February 5, 2001</a></p></td></tr>
                <td width="17%">
                  <div class="body" align="center">5</div></td>
                <td width="61%">
                  <p><span class="body">Impediments to Community and Restorative 
                  <p><span class="body">Chapter 4</span></p>
                  <p><span class="body">First Analytic Paper Due: Why We Have What 
                  We Have Today - February 15, 2001</span></p>
                  <p align="center"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><a href="">Power 
                  Point Files for the Week of February 12, 
                <td width="17%">
                  <div class="body" align="center">6</div></td>
                <td width="61%">
                  <p><span class="body">Victim and Offender Involvement</span></p>
                  <p><span class="body">Chapter 5</span></p>
                  <p><span class="body">Second Analytic Paper Due: Making Things 
                  Fit, Does Community and Restorative Justice Fit With the 
                  Current System?</span></p></td></tr>
                <td width="17%">
                  <div class="body" align="center">7</div></td>
                <td width="61%">
                  <p><span class="body">Reparation</span></p>
                  <p><span class="body">Chapter 6</span></p></td></tr>
                <td width="17%">
                  <div class="body" align="center">8</div></td>
                <td width="61%">
                  <p><span class="body">Reintegration</span></p>
                  <p><span class="body">Chapter 7</span></p>
                  <p><span class="body">Mid-Term Due March 8, 
                <td width="17%">
                  <div class="body" align="center">9</div></td>
                <td width="61%">
                  <p><span class="body">The Community and Participation</span></p>
                  <p><span class="body">Chapter 8</span></p>
                  <p><span class="body">Third Analytic Paper Due: March 15, 2001 
                  What Responsibilities to victims have in Restorative 
                <td width="17%">
                  <div class="body" align="center">10</div></td>
                <td width="61%">
                  <p><span class="body">Community Involvement: Planning and 
                  <p><span class="body">Chapter 9</span></p></td></tr>
                <td width="17%">
                  <div class="body" align="center">11</div></td>
                <td width="61%">
                  <p><span class="body">The Community Role: Transformation 
                  <p><span class="body">Start Class Presentations</span></p>
                  <p><span class="body">Chapter 10</span></p></td></tr>
                <td width="17%">
                  <div class="body" align="center">12</div></td>
                <td width="61%">
                  <p><span class="body">Community Impact</span></p>
                  <p><span class="body">Class Presentations</span></p>
                  <p><span class="body">Fourth Analytic Paper Due: Should the 
                  Community Lead or Follow the Criminal Justice 
                <td width="17%">
                  <div class="body" align="center">13</div></td>
                <td width="61%">
                  <p class="body">Evaluation of Community and Restorative Justice 
                <td width="17%">
                  <div class="body" align="center">14</div></td>
                <td class="body" width="61%">How the roles of the victim and the 
                  community come together.</td></tr>
                <td width="17%">
                  <div class="body" align="center">15</div></td>
                <td width="61%">
                  <p><span class="body">Review, practice and the 
                  <p><span class="body">All papers due, last day to turn in any 
                  <p><span class="body">Making sense of and applying the 
                  principles of restorative justice to criminal justice 
                <td width="17%">
                  <div class="body" align="center"></div></td>
                <td width="61%">
                  <div class="body" align="left">
                  <p align="center">Final Exam</p></div></td></tr></tbody></table>
            <p align="left">&nbsp;</p>
            <hr align="center" size="1" width="75%">

            <p align="center"><a href=""><img alt="E-Mail Dr. Nees" src="CJC%20291B%20%20Hal%20Nees%20%20MSCD_files/maillink.gif" border="0" width="120" height="40"></a></p>
            <p class="body" align="center"><a href="">Courses</a>&nbsp;|&nbsp;<a href="">Advising</a>&nbsp;|&nbsp;<a href="">Resources</a>&nbsp;|&nbsp;<a href="">Profile</a>&nbsp;|&nbsp;<a href="">Contact</a></p>
            <p class="sm" align="center">Last Updated: 6/5/03<br><a href="">Criminal Justice and Criminology 
    <td width="15"><img alt="" src="CJC%20291B%20%20Hal%20Nees%20%20MSCD_files/clear.gif" align="right" border="0" width="10" height="10"></td></tr></tbody></table>

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