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Restorative Justice Theory

Articles discussing various theoretical issues ranging from definition to limitations to reintegrative shaming.
Defining Restorative Justice
These articles address the question “What is restorative justice? They do so by proposing definitions or principles that make up a restorative response to crime.
Distinguishing Restorative Justice
An approach used by many writers has been to contrast restorative justice from what is presented as conventional criminal justice (referred to as retribution, traditional criminal justice, or in other ways).
Conceptual Issues and Justifications
These articles consider a variety of theoretical or conceptual (as opposed to practical) issues posed by restorative justice practice.
The Potential of Restorative Justice
What kind of role might restorative justice play in the future?
Shame is a powerful emotion. Some have suggested that restorative justice allows offenders to experience and then remove a sense of shame for their behaviour. These articles discuss the usefulness or destructiveness of including shame as a part of restorative justice theory and practice.
Restorative Dialogue
What happens during restorative processes? These articles discuss victim offender mediation, conferencing, circles and other processes.
Limitations to Restorative Justice
Are there cases or situations in which restorative justice cannot be used, or should be used only with great care?
Retribution and Restoration
Is there a role for punishment in restorative justice? And if so, how would its use be different from punishment as we use it now?
Restorative Justice and Aboriginal Traditions
Restorative justice draws from aboriginal teachings, and yet there may be tension between the two. These articles address the dynamic linkage that exists in attempting to adapt aboriginal concepts and practices for used in restorative programmes.
Theory Articles -- Full List
Articles discussing theoretical issues related to restorative justice.

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