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In the Pacific region, restorative justice is well established as a manner of responding to crime. With roots in indigenous practices, restorative justice is being used to address crime, school discipline, and other types of conflicts.


Indigenous concerns have been an impetus for the implementation of restorative practice in the Pacific, with the conferencing process growing out of Maori tradition.

Juvenile Justice

A concern over the incarceration of juvenile offenders was a major impetus in the implementation of what came to be known as restorative justice in the Pacific.


With the ever growing implementation of restorative justice, court systems in the Pacific have begun looking at restorative practices as part of a sentence or as mitigating factors in sentencing.


As the use of restorative practices grows, experiments and into research into impact and what works seeks to inform this development.


Restorative practices are being used as an alternative to punitive methods of school discipline.

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