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Restorative justice is as well established in Europe as in any other region, due in large part to its promotion by the European Union. Restorative programmes exist in all aspects of the criminal justice system and includes governmental and civil society participation.

Juvenile Justice

As in other regions, interest in restorative justice in Europe focused initially on reform of the juvenile justice system.


Serious efforts at incorporating restorative justice principles and practices have been undertaken in several European countries.


Restorative practices are increasingly used in school disciplinary practices.

Eastern Europe

As Eastern European countries reform their justice systems, many are incorporating elements of restorative justice.


To ensure the integrity and quality of restorative programmes and practices, governments and civil society organizations are developing standards for restorative justice delivery. 

European Union 

The European Union has played an important role in the promotion and evaluation of restorative justice in the region. 


One important contribution of European restorative practice has been the evaluation studies conducted on restorative practices and their outcomes. 

Civil Society

While much of the growth of restorative justice in Europe has been at the initiative of governmental agencies, civil society has also played a role.

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 These documents discuss restorative justice developments in these countries of Europe:  Armenia | Austria  | Belgium  | Bulgaria  | Czech Republic  | Denmark  | England and Wales  | Finland  | Germany  | Hungary  | Iceland | Ireland  | Italy  | Jersey | Luxembourg  | Northern Ireland  | Norway  | Poland  | Portugal | Romania  | Russia  | Scotland  | Serbia  | Spain  | Sweden

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