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Restorative justice in Africa has been highlighted by recovery of indigenous justice practices, use of community service to address chronic prison overcrowding, and well-known efforts at national reconciliation in the aftermath of genocide, civil war and state-sponsored violence.

Indigenous Practices

Africa's rich indigenous justice traditions, focused on repairing the community harm caused by crime, have been revived to complement and in some cases to replace Western-based criminal justice systems

Community Service

Community service, often incorporating mediation and other restorative processes, has been adopted nationally as an alternative to imprisonment

National Reconciliation

South Africa's transition from apartheid government, Rwanda's response to genocide, and other counties' efforts to build peace after civil war have featured restorative thinking and programmes

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These short articles featuring developments within the African region first appeared in the monthly edition of Restorative Justice Online.

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These documents discuss restorative justice in Africa. They appear in the order in which they were added to the site with the most recent appearing first.

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These documents discuss restorative justice developments in these countries of Africa: Gambia | Ghana | Malawi | Namibia | Nigeria | Rwanda | South Africa | Uganda | Zimbabwe

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