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Introductory Information

Brochures, fact sheets and FAQs describing restorative justice and specific programmes.
Responses to various practices about the process.
Victim Offender Conferencing in Schools
Fact sheet answering questions about the use of restorative processes in the school setting.
Restorative Justice in the ACT
This information sheet was developed to provide solicitors [in the Australian Capital Territory] with information about the Crimes (Restorative Justice) Act 2004 which may assist them in advising clients about participation in a restorative justice process. The Restorative Justice Unit (RJU) is a unit within the Department of Justice and Community Safety. (excerpt)
The Montana Department of Corrections Victim-Offender Dialogue Program.
Brochure introducing individuals to the victim-offender dialogue programme.
Community Group Conferencing --Winona County (USA)
Brochure used to introduce individuals to the community group conferencing programme of Winona County, MN, USA.

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