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Articles discussing funding resources and strategies for programmes.

Genesee Justice gets a five-day reprieve
From the article by Howard Owens on the Batavian: Genesee County's world renowned restorative justice agency is spared the budget ax for at least five more days. A proposal by Genesee Justice Director Ed Minardo to cut staff hours and eliminate his own job deserves further study all nine legislators agreed during a budget discussion meeting at the Old Courthouse this evening. While the proposal comes close to eliminating all of the expense necessary to keep the county budget balanced, more savings must be found.
Don’t take Genesee Justice for granted
from Dr. Beth Allen's article in The Daily News: The great Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both.” This single phrase to me epitomizes the very essence of how our criminal justice system in our country should operate. She also wrote, “It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.” For 30 years, Genesee Justice has been a pulse that tends to the souls of our victims of crime and to the destiny of the offenders that have perpetrated those crimes.
funding information
Solomon, you might find some ideas in the RJ Office section of this site.[…]/03programme-management Good luck. Dan
Projects for starters
I read through the above tips and have been working closely with young people since 2006. I realize RJ will work very well for the [...]
Community Groups Urged to Apply for Restorative Justice Grants
From the announcement on the AUMA website: Applications are now being accepted for 2010/11 provincial grants for restorative justice projects that support victim-offender mediation, training programs, leadership development in schools, and Aboriginal restorative justice programs. Through the Alberta Community Restorative Justice grant program, the Alberta government has allocated $350,000 to support restorative justice programs and initiatives throughout the province.
Local program helps youth offenders repair harm done in communities
from Alex Holmquist's article in The Seward Longfellow Restorative Justice Partnership offers first-time youth offenders an alternative to going to court through participation in a restorative conference. The program accepts youth ages 10 or older who live or commit a crime in the 55406 zip code. Their typical crimes include trespassing, graffiti, shoplifting and fifth-degree assaults.
Tips to sustaining a restorative justice program, from the front line.
from Kris Miner's entry at Restorative Justice and Circles: I can tell you from the directors seat, here at St. Croix Valley Restorative Justice I am designing a game plan to keep our program going. Some tips:
Restorative justice program faces funding woes despite success
Eighty percent or more of the CJP’s cases conclude with a resolution agreement, according to Kimberly Mann, coordinator of the Collaborative Justice Project (CJP) that operates from the provincial courthouse in Ottawa. However, despite such a high satisfaction rate and positive evaluation results from government departments such as Justice and Public Safety, CJP is finding it increasingly difficult to stay afloat. “We had federal funding as a pilot for the first six years. Since then we’ve been struggling to find funds,” Ms. Mann said.
Investing in restorative justice
Our criminal justice system is broken, and the reasons are complex. One of the many contributing factors is that our penal system's focus on punishment is not working. You would think that after their first time behind bars prisoners would never do anything to wind up back there; yet the opposite is true. In December 2007, the Department of Justice estimated that two-thirds of all released prisoners will commit new offenses within three years of their release. In addition to the great human toll of incarceration, $68 billion of our taxpayer dollars are paying for this travesty.
Friday Discussion: RJ funding
With the economic crisis, governments are struggling to balance their budgets. Funding for restorative justice has never been easy, but in this climate it promises to be harder.

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