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Articles addressing the difficulty of introducing restorative justice programmes and principles into the prison context.

No oversight
I was watching a video of Barry Scheck being interviewed. He said that when a plane crashes you have NTSB, FAA and other agencies investigating [...]
Conscent of the Governed
I disagree with anyone who thinks the Supreme Court is the Highest Court in the Land. The Highest court is the court of public opinion. [...]
accountability and responsibility
Like my friend Ron Keine, I too am an exoneree. I am not numbered among the 138 because although I was falsely accused, wrongfully convicted [...]
An alarming Supreme Court ruling against an innocent man
Deliberate indifference,give me a break. You are right Lisa Rea when you say this is Not Restorative Justice, And that it is about power and [...]
Exoneree speaks--Ron Keine
Thank you, Ron Keine for your comments. It means so much. Since you were wrongfully convicted and imprisoned (on death row) for a crime you [...]
prosecutorial Impunity
I recently spent a week end in Chicago, with other death row exonorees from all over the U.S. We were in town for our semi-annual [...]
wrongful convictions: who's accountable?
Thanks for your comments. I think restorative justice principles and policies must be applied here. In cases like these when an innocent man was convicted [...]
Institutional Criminality
This case raises so many questions about the institution of the courts themselves and their not-so-independent thinking when it comes to prosecuting the systemic injustices [...]
This Article
This story is a tragedy, like thousands of other men and women wrongly accusd and in prison. It is a true mis carriage of justice. [...]
Prosecutorial and Supervisory Immunities
Prosecutors were given absolute immunity from prosecution for deliberate misconduct by US Supreme Court in Imbler v Pachtman (1976); D.A.'s were given absolute immunity in [...]
An alarming Supreme Court ruling against an innocent man
by Lisa Rea It is hard to fathom the actions of the Supreme Court at times. This ruling is one of those times. Read the case of John Thompson, a wrongfully convicted man in New Orleans who spent 14 years on death row for a crime he did not commit. I have written of a case like this previously (i.e. exoneree Greg Wilhoit on Oklahoma's death row) but this case has a different twist. The exoneree was seeking compensation from the District Attorney for the years he spent on death row because a prosecutor who worked for his office hid evidence that would have freed him---a blood test among other things. The Supreme Court ruling (5-4) written by Justice Clarence Thomas states that while there was "misconduct" by the prosecutor (Ginsburg points out there were actually four prosecutors involved), that "did not prove deliberate indifference" by the District Attorney.
Greg Wilhoit
Randal and I so appreciate the Journey of Hope for recognizing, Greg Wilhoit. Greg is a wonderful person who has paid a high price for [...]
An update on Greg Wilhoit
This is an update on Greg Wilhoit. As I said to Greg's sister, Nancy, I am thrilled to hear of his remarkable recovery since six months ago most of us thought he was going to leave us. But God had other plans. Greg is doing so well that he is walking (with the help of a walker) when it looked like he would never walk again. We are very thankful. He also has some big news: he is getting married this month in Oklahoma to Judy, a woman he's known for 25 years! Greg will be honored in Texas in October 2010 during an event hosted by the Journey of Hope: From Violence to Healing when the organization barnstorms the state with its message of hope and healing as it embraces restorative justice and stands against the death penalty.
Greg Wilhoit & restorative justice
Paul, it's good to see so many people like you care about those who have been victims of injustice, individuals like Ron Williamson and Greg [...]
greg wilhiot ron williamson the innocent man
what an intriguing story it was to read, i know its to late for ron to get any real justice,as he has passed on but [...]
New UNC Senator laments tragedy of T&T prison system
from Jai Parasram's blog: Opposition Senator Verna St Rose Greaves made an emotional appeal to government Tuesday to improve prison conditions in Trinidad and Tobago as part of a strategy for dealing with crime. In her maiden speech in the Upper House, St Rose Greaves spoke about the country's high crime rate and in particular the recent murder of four members of one family. “When they rolled those four coffins out, it rocked me to my core. So if I cry, I apologise, but I cry for the nation as we have ignored our responsibilities,” St Rose Greaves said in her contribution to the debate on the Prison Amendment Bill.
God Cast Mercy
God cast mercy on us all for continuing to allow a justice system to prevail that is so out of balance with true restorative principles. [...]
Greg Wilhoit and our national conscience
The story, saga, and tragedy of Greg Wilhoit is a plain example of why this country should abolish the death penalty, and do so immediately. [...]
I had the pleasure and gift to travel around Virginia with Greg several years ago during the Journey of Hope and also spend time with [...]
Greg Wilhoit
I met Greg almost 10 years ago, when I heard him speak at the Capitol. We were a huge group that had gathered to express [...]

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