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Victim-Offender Dialogue

Articles on meetings of prisoners with their actual victims while they are in prison.

Gavrielides, Theo. Mediation and restorative justice in prison settings: Lessons learned from the UK Project.
The general conclusion of the UK research is positive for RJ practices in prisons. However, several reservations and caveats were identified. There was no doubt that RJ in prison is widespread. However, it is piecemeal, inconsistent and sometimes invisible. It is also characterised by numerous implementation barriers and definitional ambiguity. Our research suggested that these problems are not insoluble. In fact, what seemed to be consistent throughout our findings was the absence of institutional opposition and philosophical doubt about the viability and applicability of RJ in prison settings as Guidoni (2003) Immarigeon (1999) and others supported. More importantly, case studies suggest that certain best practices have already been successful in overcoming these challenges. Whether their success and lessons are replicable or not is indeed a matter of debate and further research. (excerpt)
Blaha, Magdolna Fabianne and Velez, Edit and Negrea, Vidia. The use of family group conferencing/Decision-making with prisoners in prison probation and during after-care in Hungary.
For years now, the Hungarian Probation Service has considered it one of its main tasks to use the methods of restorative justice more extensively in their work with offenders. These efforts were supported by the fact that the probation service is now responsible for the tasks related to mediation and as such mediation in criminal cases has become an institutional form of restorative justice. The Probation service is working on the implementation of restorative justice principles in other types of cases also, and is trying to ensure that the various techniques and procedures become integral parts of the probation officers' case management methodology. To this end, various experimental projects were launched. One of these was a project which the purpose was to include the method of family group conferencing/decision-making in the case management of probation officers. (excerpt)

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