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Audio/Video Resources

See and listen to stories about restorative justice processes and programmes.

Khulisas' Restorative Justice Programme at Leeukop Prison
This nine minute video shows victims and offenders sharing their stories in a South African Prison.
PF Rwanda's Reconciliation Work
This 2003 video explores the reconciliation work of Prison Fellowship Rwanda.
Head Teacher Describes His Experience with Restorative Approaches
A teacher from the UK describes his experience in using restorative approaches after receiving training.
"Livability Crime" video review
By Dan Van Ness Livability Crime. Restorative Justice Community Action. 7:08 minutes. This brief You Tube video describes a programme in Minneapolis operated by a local nonprofit organization called Restorative Justice Community Action (RJCA) in cooperation with the courts. When defendants are charged with “livability crimes” (drugs dealing, alcohol use, prostitution, vandalism, noise, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, public urination and littering) the court offers them the opportunity to meet with community members instead in a community conference.
Restorative Justice: Restoring Community, Healing Lives
This five minute video provides an overview on restorative justice and its impact on lives. It focuses on one case of violence in a school with stories from participants and a dramatization of a restorative process. The video comes from Central Michigan Restorative Justice.
Sycamore Tree Project®
The Sycamore Tree Project® brings together prisoners and unrelated victims to discuss issues related to crime and its impact. This video provides a glimpse of the programme as operated in New Zealand.
Victim Story Restorative Justice
A victim recounts witnessing her father's murder at the hands of a neighbour and her meeting with the murderer several years later.
Liberia TRC -- Giving a Statement
Information about the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation and its statement giving process.
Video Review: Late Fragment
Late Fragment offers an interactive DVD experience for viewers to see not only interactions in a restorative process but also the complex stories of individuals trapped into violence and trauma.
Video Review: Building Our Community: A Film about Restorative Practices.
Building Our Community is a 15-minute video highlighting the use of restorative practices in Collingwood Primary school located in Hull, UK. Teachers, students, administrators and parents discuss the impact on the school environment and individual students of using circles and conferences.
Movie Review: TAKE
TAKE is a full-length feature film being released July18 in New York and rolled out into other US cities and London through September. It stars Minnie Driver (Ana) and Jeremy Renner (Saul) as two people whose lives cross and are bound together during a bungled robbery by Saul in which Ana's son is killed.
Video Review: Choices: on the way to peace
Choices: on the way to peace is a three session video driven small group study on issues related to forgiveness and reconciliation.
Video Review: Facing the Demons
Facing the Demons is the story of a restorative conference held in a murder case.
Video Review: Achieving Balanced and Restorative Justice in Pennsylvania’s Juvenile justice System
This 23-minute video explores the principles and programmes of the Balanced and Restorative Justice initiative in the juvenile justice system in Pennsylvania.
Video Review: Heartspeak Productions on You Tube
Heartspeak Productions creates multimedia presentations promoting restorative justice values and practices. Its documentary A Healing River has received good reviews. Heartspeak Productions has recently begun posting clips from that documentary and other sources on You Tube.
Video Review: Repairing the Harm: Restorative Justice
Repairing the Harm is a 30-minute documentary discussing restorative justice concepts and uses in various settings.
Video Review: Journey Toward Forgiveness
This 58-minute video presents the voices of people who have experienced the anger and bitterness of losing a loved one and chosen forgiveness.
Video Review: Breaking Bows and Arrows.
This documentary offers a gripping and powerful picture of the traditional processes that have helped build peace in Bougainville after the civil war. It provides a wonderful complement to the articles in this edition of Restorative Justice Online because it allows the viewer to watch the processes described and explored in those articles.
Video Review: The Road to Healing: An Introduction to Restorative Justice & Alternative Dispute Resolution
The South African NGO Khulisa works toward building stronger communities and addressing crime in a way that brings healing. This video highlights Khulisa’s work with restorative justice and offers an excellent introduction to restorative justice.
Video Review: Widening the Circle: The Family Group Decision Making Experience
The use of restorative process to address domestic violence has been hotly debated. This 43 minute video begins with a dramatization of one case of family violence and shows how Family Group Conferencing offers families the opportunity to develop their own solutions.

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