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Stories from the Media

Read articles from various media outlets about restorative justice and restorative processes.

Restorative justice offers a way for peace to come from tragedy
from the article in the TImes Colonist: One family sat across from the Greater Victoria woman whose dangerous driving caused the death of their brother, John Caspell. Another woman, Shannon Moroney, sat on the other side of the glass from her newlywed husband, in jail for brutally raping two women in their Peterborough home.
Courage to repair
from the editorial in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: A racist prank perpetrated outside the University of Missouri's Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center 11 days ago has evoked a reassuring response. The two undergraduates — Zachary E. Tucker and Sean D. Fitzgerald — tried to make a mockery of the bitter history of black servitude. They scattered cotton balls outside the culture center under cover of night. But their crude handiwork was greeted with sharp and universal condemnation. Both students were identified and suspended from school. Last week, they were arrested. The Boone County prosecutor is weighing whether to pursue criminal charges.
Coffee shop is site of healing
Todd C. Frankel's article in St Louis Post-Dispatch: He didn't know what to expect. He was sick with dread. His eyes were bloodshot from crying. Aaron Poisson was returning to the Starbucks where two years earlier his actions had killed another man. He didn't have to be here. He had served his time. Now 21, Poisson spent nine months in jail after pleading guilty of fatally running over Roger Kreutz, a customer trying to stop Poisson as the young man fled this coffee shop off Watson Road with a stolen tip jar containing less than $5. He says he didn't intend to hurt Kreutz, didn't know until days later what he had done. Accompanied by his father, Poisson was headed back to the Starbucks, to a ceremony to spread Kreutz's ashes below a memorial tree planted just yards from the fatal scene. Kreutz's extended family and dozens of friends were there. Poisson feared their anger, the hatred. "But it feels like something I have to do," said Poisson, wearing a sweater and black slacks, as though he were headed to church. "It's something I want to do."
Vermont’s juvenile justice teaches kids community can help
This is the third of four columns in a series about the nation’s oldest and most mature restorative juvenile justice system.
On delivering nuanced messages in a soundbite culture
"Trendy 'restorative justice' schemes to stamp out bullying at schools 'do not work'," the headline trumpeted. The article by Laura Clark on Mail Online (the website of the Daily Mail) began in the same vein: "Trendy 'no punishment' approaches to tackling bullying are not working in many schools, a researcher warned yesterday. More than 600 schools use 'restorative justice' techniques which allow bullies to escape punishment if they face their victims and apologise. But a Cambridge University academic told a conference the approach has been 'widely exaggerated' as a remedy for bullying."
MacMillan, Scott N.. Descriptive Analysis of the Portrayal of Restorative Justice in the B.C. Newsprint Media
Portrayals of restorative justice in British Columbia newsprint media are subjected to a descriptive content analysis. Fundamental aspects of the restorative justice perspective, and its many manifestations, are examined to assess how this perspective is portrayed to the public as a series of processes and as an international social movement. (author's abstract)
Possible ABC TV series showing victim-offender encounters
from Michele Rosenthal's entry on Heal My PTSD: Last week I got a very interesting call from ABC TV. They’re developing a 20/20 episode or a series based on the subject of restorative justice. I had a long chat with Andrew Sullivan about his expectations for the piece and what they hope to achieve with it. He mentioned that they are actively seeking survivors who would be right for the series; I offered to help him reach out. ....After our conversation Andrew summarized the idea in an email to me. I’m sharing it with you in case any of you would like to follow up with him.
Earby teens say ‘sorry’ for church vandalism
from Chris Hopper's article in the Lancashire Telegraph: Three teenagers who vandalised a church have apologised for their actions. In youth court, the teens admitted smashing windows at All Saints Church, Earby, causing £15,000 worth of damage in September. They also pleaded guilty to burglary with intent to cause damage at the former vicarage next to the church. As part of their punishment, three of the four teenagers involved agreed to attend a meeting with church members as part of a restorative justice order, which allows offenders to make amends directly to the people or organisations they have harmed.
Vermont’s juvenile-justice system bucks nationwide trend
A new kind of justice
from Rebecca Webber's article in Parade Magazine: From Fresno, Calif., to Hempstead, N.Y., hundreds of communities in the country are using “ restorative justice” to deal with criminals. Offenders must take responsibility for their actions and try to repair the harm they’ve done—by apologizing, returning stolen money, or doing community service, for example. “People find a way to right the wrong, and that’s the beauty of it,” says Beverly Title, who runs a program in Longmont, Colo. Restorative justice can work in lieu of the criminal-justice system or in partnership with it.
Long path to redemption: Restorative justice has success stories, but law doesn't require its use
from J. Adrian Stanley's article in Colorado Springs Independent: Back in June 2005, [Jonathan] Price was 17 and looking forward to his senior year at Sand Creek High School with his "posse" a tight group of friends, mostly military brats, who had spent their high school years invading each other's houses like family, having sleepovers and playing Halo. When they were younger, they caused the "boys will be boys" brand of trouble stealing bulbs out of porch lights, ringing doorbells and running away. Now they were acting their age more often. One day, Price and buddies Terence Henderson and Marcus (last name not available) decided to head to Price's place. Marcus called shotgun. Henderson insisted on riding on top of the trunk. Price began driving. He rounded a curve and paused at a stop sign. That's when they noticed Henderson was gone. The boy had fallen off the back and hit his head. A day later, he was dead.
Boys pay for crime with school chores
from Colin's article on Welsh Icons: An incident which occurred at Mynydd Cynffig Infants School, Kenfig Hill in January has been dealt with by means of ‘Restorative Justice’. A storage shed was broken into at the school and property was removed. Following a successful Police investigation four local culprits were apprehended and the stolen property was later returned to the school. After admitting to what they had done and on the request of the school a ‘Restorative Justice’ meeting was held which involving the Police, the school, the boys and their parents.
Vermont’s juvenile justice system saves a woman’s life
'Talking stick' helps facilitate restorative justice response to destructive behaviors
Editor. Restorative Justice: Reconciliation and Reintegration in Practice
In this edition of our Restorative Justice Newsletter we discuss an offence and the Victim Offender Conference (VOC) that was facilitated to deal with the aftermath of the crime. We consider what the needs of the crime victim were and how these needs were met through participation in our restorative justice programs. (excerpt)
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This story really breaks my heart. Helga
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Thanks for this video from the UK covered by the BBC. Excellent! More and more victims are asking for this option to meet their offenders [...]

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