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Case Studies

Articles discussing the use of restorative practices in individual cases.

'Restorative justice' school program reduces student delinquency
from the press release announcing the study: A pilot program to change how teachers and administrators respond to student misbehavior at an Oakland middle school led to a dramatic drop in suspensions and expulsions, according to a new study released today. During a one-year implementation of the alternative “restorative justice” program, suspensions dropped by 87 percent and expulsions dropped to zero.
Restorative justice in schools -- Mapleton Early College
A high school student describes how participating in restorative justice changed her attitude and approach to school. Her principal describes the positive impacts of restorative justice on the school environment.
Restorative Justice in Schools -- Montbello High School
In this video, practitioners and a student explain the impact restorative practices had on the culture of Montbello High School in Longmont, CO. The suspensions and expulsions fell by 30%.
Videos and resources for schools
Hi, Cecile, RJ Online doesn't have videos etc like you need. Check out the resources available from the International Institute for Restorative Practices Regards, [...]
Restorative Justice Model at the High School Level
We are possibly looking at the model at the high school level. I am just beginning to research. I am needing a Training Video on [...]
“Beyond All Belief” — Restorative Practices at St Edmund’s Primary School, Norfolk, UK
from the article by Lisa Cook posted on This is what restorative practices looks like at St Edmund’s [for children 3 to 11 years old]: When the children come in each morning they are quick to sort themselves into a circle. They are keen to get started. The class teacher starts off with a greeting. This is passed around the circle and varies depending on the age of the children.
Restorative Practices in Hungary — Transforming Schools and Prisons
From the Restorative E-Forum article by Laura Mirsky: In April 2010 Vidia Negrea, director of Community Service Foundation (CSF) Hungary, provided an introductory training in facilitating restorative conferences for four different youth group homes in Budapest. This is just the latest development in her work spreading restorative practices in Hungary, which also includes major efforts in schools and prisons. Psychologist Negrea came to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA, in 2000 to learn about restorative practices and has never looked back. Her recent work has been supported by the Ministry of Justice Hungary and the city of Budapest, including a project to reduce aggressive behavior in children and youth, which is bringing restorative practices to six big-city high schools. At first some of the leaders in these high schools weren’t open to the idea of restorative practices. The success of the practices in the wake of one particular incident changed their minds.
Restorative Justice and Campus Conduct Administration
In March, Eastern Mennonite University hosted a symposium exploring the use of restorative practices in college campus conduct administration. These short YouTube videos feature two of the participants describing their experiences with using restorative practices to respond to student misconduct. Josh Bacon, the director of Judicial Affairs at James Madison University in Virginia, describes how implementing restorative practices rejuvenated his career.It gives him the opportunity to interact with students and community members.
Restorative justice stops fights, keeps kids in schools
from Nelson Garcia's article on Juan Salazar used to be one of those students who got into trouble for fighting at North High School. Now he uses words instead of fists. "If someone bumped into me, I started saying something," Salazar, a senior, said. "It always led to a fight." It also always led to a suspension.
Educator and alumni
I attended during the late 70's and early eighties. In the late nineties I returned as a teacher. I was heart broken. Such a large, [...]
St Rita's College Clayfield rocked by cheating scandal
From Tanya Chilcott's article in Courier-Mail: A leading Brisbane private girls' school has been rocked by a cheating scandal after a group of students was caught just weeks before graduation. St Rita's College principal Dale Morrow said the incident, the first of its kind in her eight years at the Clayfield school, had been "a very difficult" time for all involved..... ....It is understood one girl attained the answers from a teacher's computer and passed them on.
Angela's tears - A presentation on the São Paulo RJ projects in Rio de Janeiro
From the post at the Restorative Circles Blog Yesterday was the first formal presentation of the São Paulo RJ project, 'Justiça e educação', to the justice and education communities in Rio de Janeiro. Most of those who have made these projects possible - in São Caetano do Sul, in Guarulhos, in Heliopolis, in Campinas and elsewhere - spoke, and even though the city was under the second day of torrential rain and it was the friday before a holiday weekend, there wasn't a free seat and many stood until the end.
implementing restorative practices
Many recommend implementing restorative practices in other schools, one saying that the fact it worked in their tough urban school proves that it can work [...]
Dignity in schools: an unexcused absence
Excellence in Education Award given for restorative practices
A “proactive” restorative conference
from Matthew Kuehlhorm's blog Life Skoolz: As the meeting progressed, tempers cooled and people began to listen. Ultimately, the kids agreed to the boundaries set by security and the college administrators. Campus security also had a chance to meet the kids and now knows who they are when they do come onto campus. Campus is open to them after all.
Video Review: The Transformation of West Philadelphia High School: A Story of Hope
Sharp fall in number of violent pupils expelled or suspended in Glasgow
Number of excluded pupils in Wokingham has dropped
Head Teacher Describes His Experience with Restorative Approaches
A teacher from the UK describes his experience in using restorative approaches after receiving training.

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