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Welcome: Pastors, parishioners, seminary professors and others interested in restorative justice and the Judeo-Christian tradition.
Biblical Justice and Restorative Justice
The Bible was a source of inspiration for many who constructed the institutions of contemporary criminal justice. It was also a resource for some of the early practitioners of restorative justice. Its influence on both groups continues. The following articles examine the relationship between biblical justice and restorative justice.
Faith Communities and Restorative Justice
Faith communities are touched by restorative thinking and practice in a number of ways. They may use restorative processes to resolve their own conflicts. Their members may be victims, offenders and/or family members of both. They may seek to influence their communities to support restorative programmes. They may sponsor, or their members may participate in, those programmes. And they may advocate for systemic change to make restorative justice a more prominent part of their community's response to crime. Or they may do none of those things. The following articles consider the challenging and sometimes complicated relationship between faith communities and restorative justice.
Victims and Faith
The "good" Samaritan in Luke 10 is called that because he, unlike the religious people, stopped to assist a crime victim. Why didn't the religious people help? What do victims need from people of faith? The following articles explore the link between victims and faith.
Offenders and Faith
The Bible speaks of God's concern for prisoners. What does this mean for people of faith? What do biblical teachings say about offenders' past life and expectations for the future? These articles explore the connection between offenders and faith.
Bible Studies and Meditations on Biblical Themes
The following may be used for group or individual study and reflection on restorative justice in light of biblical teaching.
Sermons on Restorative Justice
Sermons and public reflections on restorative justice and faith.
Living Restoratively
It is one thing to embrace the idea of restorative justice and another to live it. The following articles explore this problem and suggest ways to do both.
Selected prayers from the Book of Common Prayer
Prayers about justice and the response to crime and injustice
Denominational Resources
Statements and other resources from Christian denominations on restorative justice.

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