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Welcome: Restorative practice and philosophy are used outside the criminal justice system -- in families, communities, schools, workplaces and faith communities. They also have formed an important part of post-conflict transition for countries addressing former oppressive governmental actions or the results of civil war. The following "rooms" capture some of that information: work place, family room, community centre, class room, chapel pew and peace commission.
Work Place
Welcome: Employers and employees, supervisors and staff, business owners, shareholders and investors, and any others who are interested in more effective ways to resolve conflict in the work place.
Family Room
Welcome: Parents and children, friends, social service agencies, and all with an interest in reducing violence and building peace within families.
Community Centre
Welcome: Local government officials and employees, homeowners, other residents, business people, and all who have an interest in building peaceful communities.
Class Room
Welcome: Teachers, students, parents, administrators, school boards, and others concerned about restorative discipline.
Chapel Pew
Welcome: Pastors, parishioners, seminary professors and others interested in restorative justice and the Judeo-Christian tradition.
Peace Commission
Welcome: Members of Truth and Reconciliation Commissions, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations, citizens of post-conflict societies and others interested in how to address the need for justice after widespread conflict or state-sponsored violence.

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