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The experiences of victims and offenders with restorative justice.

Editor. Face To Face.
This article tells a story of a burglary and the positive impact that a community-based restorative justice process had for the victim’s family. The mother of the family explained her feelings and forgave the young offender, who then apologized and began to work on repayment.
Real Stories, Real People: Program Offers Victims Solace, Second Chance for Offenders
Longmont Community Justice Project (LCJP), based in Colorado, uses restorative processes to provide alternatives for victims, offenders, and the community. This article describes one case handled through the programme, the reasons why the victims chose the restorative process over court, and the outcomes of the case.
Stories from a Victim Offender Mediation Programme
The Fraser Region Community Justice Initiative Association (CJI) provides conflict resolution services with a restorative justice focus for a variety of settings in British Columbia including the criminal justice system. David L. Gustafson, the co-director, provides the following story of one of their clients. The story originally appeared in CJI’s 2003-2004 Annual Report.
A Story of Healing
Jackie Katounas is a restorative justice practitioner and advocate working with Prison Fellowship New Zealand. She shares this firsthand account of a meeting between a man convicted of murder and the sister of his victim.

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