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January 2008 Edition
Over the last year, we have seen the continuing interest in restorative justice as programmes are implemented and more research is done. This includes the creation of a Handbook on Restorative Justice by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, activities from Latin America to Eastern Europe to the Pacific and the release of various studies about the effectiveness of restorative programmes. The stories below appear in the order in which they were featured on the site since January 2007.
February 2008 Edition
New Guidelines for Implementing Mediation in Europe; Court Ruling Upholds Principles of Restorative Justice, Overturns Shaming Sanction; Legislating the Use of Victim Offender Mediation in Portugal;Book Review: The Little Book of Dialogue for Difficult Subjects; Video Review: Facing the Demons; Website of the Month: NetCare
March 2008 Edition
Restorative Justice in Africa: Fruits of Networking; South African Programme Shows Promise; Book Review: Evil and the Justice of God; Video Review: Choices: on the way to peace; Meet Pat Nolan;Website of the Month: Instituto Brasileiro de Justiça Restaurativa
April 2008 Edition
Howard League Commission on English Prisons Today; New Report Highlights Australia’s Use of FGCs in Child Protection Cases; Meet Carolyn Hoyle; Book Review: Restorative Justice and Practices in New Zealand: Towards a Restorative Society.; Website of the Month: Restorative Justice Community
May 2008 Edition
New Report Highlights Traditional Courts in Afghanistan; New Practitioner’s Toolkit for Restorative Justice;Book Review: Informal Reckonings: Conflict resolution in mediation, restorative justice and reparations;Video Review: The Power of Forgiveness; Meet Tim Newell;Website of the Month: Georgia Council for Restorative Justice
June 2008 Edition
Does Terrorism Leave Space for Restorative Justice? The Case of Israel-Palestine; Victims Advocating for Restorative Justice;Victims Advocating for Restorative Justice;Starting a Restorative Justice Programme; Book Review: Integrating Victims in Restorative Youth Justice; Website of the Month: Centre for Conflict Resolution
July 2008 Edition
Ireland Exploring Further Restorative Justice Implementation; Restorative Justice and Reconviction; Meet Marty Price; Movie Review: TAKE; Book Review: Changing paradigms: punishment and restorative discipline; Website of the Month: European Forum for Restorative Justice
August 2008 Edition
Lesotho Explores Restorative Justice in Draft Bill; Consultation Continues on Formation of a National Canadian Restorative Justice Organization;Video Review: Building Our Community: A Film about Restorative Practices; Book Review: Restorative justice: ideals and realities;Website of the Month: Nova Scotia Restorative Justice Community University Research Alliance
September 2008
Restorative Practices in New School Discipline Policy;In-Prison Victim Offender Dialogue in the US;Book Review: Restorative Justice, Self-Interest and Responsible Citizenship; Website of the Month: African Transitional Justice Research Network
October 2008 Edition
Grassroots Reconciliation in Sierra Leone; Finding Release in Prison: A Victim’s Story; Video Review: Late Fragment;Resource Review: A Restorative Story: Mary Finds Some Money; Website of the Month: Center for Mediation, Peace and Resolution of Conflict International, Inc.
November 2008 Edition
A Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Canada; New Online Journal on Peacebuilding; Restorative Justice Week 2008; Book Review: The Pocket Guide to Restorative Justice; Website of the Month: AIM Project
December 2008 Edition
Investigating Restorative Justice Implementations for Ireland; Using Theatre to Communicate Restorative Justice; Book Review: Restorative justice theory and practice: addressing the discrepancy.; Website of the Month: Escuela de Justicia Comunitaria

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