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Video Review: Heartspeak Productions on You Tube

Heartspeak Productions creates multimedia presentations promoting restorative justice values and practices. Its documentary A Healing River has received good reviews. Heartspeak Productions has recently begun posting clips from that documentary and other sources on You Tube.

You Tube LogoThe video clips are available at the Heartspeak Prodcutions page on You Tube and at the links below.

Several of the video clips are presented as multi-part series. These are effective when viewed together, but most are on distinct topics and could be viewed separately.

The most recent series features Dennis Maloney speaking on A Sense of Justice (4:50 in length),   The Economics of Community Justice (7:00), and RJ Participation and Evaluation (5:09). Friends as well as those who never had an opportunity to meet Dennis will enjoy listening to this very effective communicator and promoter of restorative justice.

The second series is called Rose Between Two Thorns, and consists of interviews with prisoner Deltonia Cook and community justice worker Rose Rowlands discussing institutionalization and what it means to be human (10:30), Warren Glowatski speaking about his prison experience and what made him want to change (6:45), and about youth, volunteers and making room for restorative justice (5:53).

The third is a two-part series featuring Dr. Liz Elliott speaking on macho politics and how “tough on crime” does not mean effectiveness against crime (4:08) and on three big lies gangs tell and how those compare to the criminal justice system (7:23).

The remaining clips are individual presentations:

•    The Honourable Associate Chief Judge Murray Sinclair of the Provincial Court of Manitoba was that Province's first Aboriginal Judge and, at that time, Canada's second. He speaks on how to be a good lawyer (8:45)
•    Retired Judge Barry Stuart speaks about his concerns with Canada's Youth Criminal Justice Act (3:03)
•    Howard Zehr talks about the continuum of restorativeness, shame, respect, honor, humiliation, vindication, indigenous and social justice (6:58)
•    Harold Gatensby speaks about nurturing and the economics of institutions and bureaucracies (3:58)
•    Phil Gatensby talks about youth, drugs, restorative justice and our responsibility as adults (6:01)
•    Dr. Donald L. Nathanson speaks on managing shame and building community in prisons, schools and families (8:01)

Finally, there is a trailer for A Healing River (8:34).

November 2007

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