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January 2007 Edition
Over the last year, we have seen continuing interest in and implementation of restorative justice processes around the world. This includes the adoption of legislation, court decisions and programme developments in different countries. The articles below appear in the order in which they appeared on the website since January 2006.
February 2007 Edition
Stories include: United Nations Publishes Handbook on Restorative Justice; RJ City Website Launched; Government Report Urges Expanding Restorative Justice Services in Ireland; Book Review: The Little Book of Restorative Justice for People in Prison; Video Review: Complete Victim Offender Mediation and Conferencing Training; Website of the Month: Inafa’ Maolek
March 2007 Edition
Stories include: Juvenile Re-Offending after Family and Victim Offender Conferences; New Study Shows Benefits of Restorative Justice; The Effect of Article 10 of the EU Framework Decision on the Standing of Victims; Book Review: Handbook of Restorative Justice; Video Review: Beyond Conviction; Website of the Month: Lancaster Area Victim Offender Reconciliation Program
April 2007 Edition
Stories include: Organizing Ex-Combatants for Peace in Mozambique; Lee County Victim Offender Conference Program; Meet Duane Ruth-Heffelbower; Book Review: Criminal Punishment and Restorative Justice; Video Review: Widening the Circle: The Family Group Decision Making Experience; Website of the Month: Illinois Balanced and Restorative Justice Initiative
May 2007 Edition
Stories include: Restorative Justice In Ethiopia; Victims’ Perceptions of Fairness and Victim Offender Mediation; Meet Eliza Ahmed; Book Review: Devils and Angels: Youth Policy and Crime; Video Review: Resolving Conflict Creatively; Website of the Month:; Recent Changes.
June 2007 Edition
Stories include: Community Justice Centers in Armenia; Youth Diversion in Tonga; Meet Hennessey Hayes; Book Review: Juvenile Justice: An Introduction (fifth edition); Video Review: The Road to Healing: An Introduction to Restorative Justice & Alternative Dispute Resolution; Website of the Month: Arrowsmith Community Justice Society; Recent Change.
July 2007 Edition
Stories include: Developing Restorative Juvenile Justice in Peru; Attitudes of Victims and Offenders toward Restorative Justice; Book Review: Charting progress, mapping the future: restorative justice in South Africa; Meet Marjorie Bing Stanislaw; Website of the Month: Institute for Healing of Memories.
August 2007 Edition
Stories include: 2007 International Prize for Restorative Justice Awarded to PEACE Foundation Melanesia; The Bougainville Project of PEACE Foundation Melanesia; Incorporating Custom Law into State Law in Melanesia; “Operation Regeneration”: Applying the Lessons of Bougainville to International Peace Operations; Book Review: Breaking Spears & Mending Hearts: Peacemakers & Restorative Justice in Bougainville; Video Review: Breaking Bows and Arrows.
September 2007 Edition
Stories include: RJ in Moldova: The Institute for Penal Reform; Online Training on Conflict Resolution; Book Review: The meaning and nature of punishment; Video Review: Journey Toward Forgiveness; Meet Mike Batley.
October 2007 Edition
Stories include: Introducing Restorative Practices into Scottish Schools; Real People, Real Stories: Victims Face Fear and Find Healing in Prison; Meet Gordon Bazemore; Book Review: Women and the Criminal Justice System, 2nd ed.; Video Review: Repairing the Harm: Restorative Justice.
November 2007 Edition
Stories include: Diverting Young Adults from Prison in NSW; Creating Alternatives for Young Offenders in Toronto; Book Review: Restorative justice: how it works; Video Review: Heartspeak Productions on You Tube; Meet Di Xiaohua; Website of the Month: Justicia Restaurativa: Un camino para la transformación.
December 2007 Edition
Stories include: South Australia: Nunga Court II – Aboriginal Sentencing Conferences; Making Sense of North American and South African Differences in the Practice of Restorative Justice; Meet Scott Harris; Book Review: Justice as a Basic Human Need; Video Review: Achieving Balanced and Restorative Justice in Pennsylvania’s Juvenile justice System; Website of the Month: Conflict Resolution Network Canada.

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