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October 2006 Edition

Restorative Justice in Sentencing: South Africa

In a recent sentencing decision in a murder case, Judge E. Bertelsmann of the High Court of South Africa wrote of the importance of restorative justice in the South Africa context. The full decision is presented here with a downloadable version attached.


Using Restorative Conferencing for Healing of Victims and Offenders in New South Wales

The Restorative Justice Unit of the New South Wales Department of Corrective Services was established in 1999. It offers conferencing after the offender is in the custody of the Department. In the attached article, Kate Milner, manager of the Unit, provides an overview of its work with victim offender conferencing and of a new re-entry initiative.


Real People, Real Stories: The Challenges Facing a Juvenile Probation Officer in Restorative Justice

Restorative justice practitioners who are part of the criminal justice system can face role conflicts. In this article, Lance F. Kelley describes his experience as a probation officer facilitating restorative justice conferences.


Book Review: New directions in restorative justice: issues, practice, evaluation.

As the restorative justice movement ages, it continues to face issues of application and implementation. Martin Wright reviews this collection of essays addressing restorative justice and youth, aboriginal justice, and victims.


Video Review: Introducing Restorative Justice: A Positive Approach in Schools

This video contains four segments that explain how restorative justice can be used in schools and demonstrates the positive impact it can have on discipline and hence on its overall environment.


Website of the Month: Central Virginia Restorative Justice

Central Virginia Restorative Justice brings together victims, offenders and other people impacted by crime to work through a ‘process of accountability and repair.’ This website provides a brief overview of the organization and its programmes.


Recent Changes

Recent additions to Restorative Justice Online.


Meet Don John O. Omale

Don John O. Omale is a correctional psychologist/criminologist promoting restorative justice in Nigeria.


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