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January 2006 Edition
Over the last year, we have seen growing interest in and implementation of restorative justice processes around the world. This includes gatherings for experts in the burgeoning Latin American restorative justice movement, programme updates from different countries, and programme evaluations. The articles below are in the order they appeared on the website since January 2005.
February 2006 Edition
Stories include: A Survey of 10 Years of New Zealand Court Cases on Restorative Justice; Making Victims' Voices Heard; Video Review: Burning Bridges; Book Review: Restorative justice on the college campus: Promoting student growth and responsibility, and reawakening the spirit of campus community; Meet Theo Gavrielides; Website of the Month: Community Circles of Washington County.
March 2006 Edition
Stories include: Involving Victims in Restorative Youth Justice in England through Youth Offender Panels; Proposed Restorative Justice Legislation in Brazil; Real People, Real Stories: A Transforming Journey; Video Review: Beyond Zero Tolerance: Restorative Practices in Schools; Book Review: Burying the Past: Making Peace and Doing Justice After Civil Conflict; Meet David B. Moore; Website of the Month: Daybreak Family Group Conference
April 2006 Edition
Stories include: Community Restorative Justice in Northern Ireland – An Overview; The Politicisation of Community Restorative Justice in Northern Ireland; Restorative Justice in Northern Ireland—a web bibliography;John Braithwaite awarded the 2006 Stockholm Prize in Criminology; Book Review: The Healing of Nations: The Promise and Limits of Political Forgiveness; Video Review: Red Hook Justice; Meet Fred McElrea; Website of the Month: Youth Conference Service.
May 2006 Edition
Stories include: Restorative Justice in the Youth Court: A Square Peg in a Round Hole?; Finger Lakes Restorative Justice Center; Book Review: Honest Patriots: Loving a Country Enough to Remember its Misdeeds; Video Reviews: Gacaca: Living Together in Rwanda? & In Rwanda We Say… The Family That Does Not Speak Dies; Meet Frauke Petzold; Website of the Month: Justiça Para o Século 21;
June 2006 Edition
This month Restorative Justice Online focuses on the use of restorative justice in prisons. As Marian Liebmann demonstrates in her article, international interest in restorative justice has led to experimentation in the prison setting. Marilyn Armour describes one such programme in Texas. Barb Toews and Lotta Rao offer a reminder that prisons are not an optimal environment for restorative principles. Finally we offer an annotated bibliography and a review of a recent book that addresses the topic.
July 2006 Edition
Stories include: New Restorative Approach to Sex Crimes; How Could You Do This to Me?; First Person: Restorative Justice Offers Hope; Book Review: Mapping restorative justice: Developments in 25 European countries; Video Review: Glimmer of Hope; Meet Adriana Barbosa Sócrates; Website of the Month: Community Conferencing Center
August 2006 Edition
Stories include: Mediation in Belgium: Law of 22 June 2005 Implementing Mediation in the Code of Criminal Procedure; New Graduate Degree Programme in Restorative Justice; Victim Offender Mediation in Sweden; Book Review: Will the Circle Be Unbroken? Aboriginal Communities, Restorative Justice and the Challenges of Conflict and Change; Video Review: Victim Offender Mediation and Conferencing: A Multi-Method Approach; Meet Jaime Martin; Website of the Month: Youth Justice Conferencing, Queensland
September 2006 Edition
Stories include: New Juvenile Justice Law in the Philippines; Serious Crimes Conferencing in Baltimore; Community Mediation and Community Development In Scotland; Book Review: Understanding Victims and Restorative Justice; Video Review: Communities and the Challenge of Conflict: New Perspectives on Restorative Justice; Meet Sónia Sousa Pereira; Website of the Month: Centre for Restorative Justice, Australian National University.
October 2006 Edition
November 2006 Edition
December 2006 Edition

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