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April 2005 Edition

Dialogue Project Breaks New Ground

Stop It Now! is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to create a public health response to child sexual abuse. Organized in 1992, it develops public policy, research and public education programmes. One programme brings survivors of child sexual abuse and recovering offenders together to talk about the impact of child sexual abuse. Joan Tabachnick, the director of public education for Stop It Now! describes the dialogue programme.


Introducing Restorative Justice in Serbia and Montenegro.

In 2003, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) office in Belgrade realized that many of the children they worked with in their child protection programmes in Serbia and Montenegro were also in trouble with the law. A study group was formed to look into the conditions faced by these young people and to proposed ways of moving forward. The group settled on restorative justice as a useful approach for dealing with those conditions and UNICEF undertook a project to develop restorative justice programmes for working with young offenders. A first step was to request training in restorative justice and its applications to youth justice.


Book Review: Religion and Reconciliation in South Africa: Voices of Religious Leaders.

Gregory Strong reviews this book that considers the role of religious communities in the process of and prospects for reconciliation in South Africa.


Website of the Month: RESTORE

The mission of the RESTORE programme (Responsibility and Equity for Sexual Transgressions Offering a Restorative Experience) is “to facilitate a survivor-centered community-driven resolution of selected sex crimes that creates and carries out a plan for accountability, healing and public safety.” Using community conferencing, the programme brings together victims and offenders of sexual assault to discuss the harm done through the crime and develop a plan for repairing the harm.


Recent Changes to RJ Online


Leading Edge. Meet Eric Gilman.

Eric Gilman is the Restorative Justice Coordinator for the juvenile court in Clark County (Washington).


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