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September 2004 Edition

Conference Highlights Restorative Justice in Russia

The Centre for Legal and Judicial Reform in Russia is developing the use of restorative justice in Russia. A recent conference was held to highlight the work that has taken place and the needs of the country as they move forward. Andrew Kravtsov provided this report on the conference proceedings.


Promoting the Use of Restorative Processes in Jamaica

In a ceremony on January 21, the Governor General of Jamaica declared 2004 the National Year of Dispute Resolution. Highlighting the country’s commitment to developing restorative processes, the declaration coincides with the 10 year anniversary of both public and private initiatives to introduce mediation in response to rising levels of violence. Activities to promote the use of restorative practices have been held throughout the year.


Stories from a Victim Offender Mediation Programme

The Fraser Region Community Justice Initiative Association (CJI) provides conflict resolution services with a restorative justice focus for a variety of settings in British Columbia including the criminal justice system. David L. Gustafson, the co-director, provides the following story of one of their clients. The story originally appeared in CJI’s 2003-2004 Annual Report.


Book Review: Restorative Justice: Critical Issues.

Lecturers at the Open University (distance learning) have collected a representative range of writings on restorative justice. Nearly all have been previously published in books and periodicals, mostly American, a few British and Australasian. The editors provide a useful overview in their introduction, setting out the book’s three parts: conceptualizing, institutionalizing and contesting restorative justice (RJ).


Website of the Month: Khulisa

Khulisa is a non-governmental organization providing community development programmes and reintegration and rehabilitation programmes for at-risk youth and young offenders. Restorative justice philosophy underpins the organization's work to rebuild relationships between the offenders, their families and the community. Their website introduces visitors to the organization and its different programmes.


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