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Changes to Restorative Justice Online in the past Month    



Restorative Justice in Principle and Practice-The Implications for Criminal Lawyers

March 11, 2004

Law Society

London, England  

Widening the Circle: Weaving the Thread of Hope

2004 Restorative Community Justice Conference

May 3-5, 2004

Keystone, Colorado


Websites Added


Unite is a private mediation service offering a wide range of services.

Features Added

Restorative Justice in Action: Valuing Offenders and Victims in North London

Home Office Explores Cautioning

Statement of Restorative Justice Principles in Schools

Book Review: Just Schools: A Whole School Approach to Restorative Justice

Responding to Mass Injustices: A Web-Bibliography

Website of the Month: International Institute of Restorative Practices


Abstracts Added 

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March 2004

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