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Website of the Month: International Institute for

The International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) is a non-profit organisation focusing on an educational and research approach to the development of restorative practices worldwide.

The About Us page provides a good overview, introducing the purpose, key personnel, and the various programmes of IIRP: 

  • Real Justice focuses on the use of restorative conferences in criminal justice systems.    

  • SaferSanerSchools trains educators and offers resources for implementing restorative practices in the school system.  

  • FamilyPower and GoodCompany deal with restorative practices in child and family welfare and in the workplace, respectively.  These two websites are under construction. 

Although the programmes each have their own homepage, navigation is simple since they share a parallel structure with the main IIRP page.  The Trainings page for each programme lists upcoming training opportunities, some of which at held at IIRP’s Education Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  Materials can be ordered from the Books & Videos pages.  Each programme also has a tailored Events page and Contact information page.   

Together, the IIRP websites offer subscription to the Restorative Practices eForum, a source for receiving occasional emails with articles covering research and practice.  The IIRP library includes recent eForum articles, as well as links to further papers and articles discussing restorative research, principles and practices.

March 2004

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