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March 2004 Edition

Focus on England and Wales Developments. This edition focuses on a variety of developments and programs in the United Kingdom, where restorative justice appears to be gaining a firm hold in government policy and community-based practice.

Restorative Justice in Action: Valuing Offenders and Victims

Mark Creitzman, a project coordinator for the Enfield Youth Offending Team, describes programmes for both young offenders and victims.


Statement of Restorative Justice Principles in Schools

Lyndsey Sharp,a researcher with the Restorative Justice Consortium in London provides an overview of the development of the Consortium's Statement of Restorative Justice Principles as Applied in the School Setting.


Home Office Explores Cautioning

The Home Office has released a consultation paper on a code of practice for conditional cautioning as an alternative to prosecution. Conditional cautioning is found in the Criminal Justice Act of 2003, which provides for the creation of a code of practice to be approved to by both Houses of Parliament.


Book Review: JustSchools: A Whole School Approach to Restorative Justice

By ‘justice’ Belinda Hopkins means fairness, and the restorative approach that she describes is based on respecting the individuality of everyone in a school – adults as well as children.


Responding to Mass Injustices: A Web-Bibliography

Societies that have experienced mass injustices and violent conflict must deal with the past even as they move toward a more peaceful future. The following on-line articles offer perspectives for responding to events such as genocide or severe human rights abuses of citizens. The issues considered range from theoretical questions about truth, healing, justice, and reconciliation to questions concerning the application and evaluation of restorative principles to such crimes.


Website of the Month: International Institute for

The International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) is a non-profit organisation focusing on an educational and research approach to the development of restorative practices worldwide.


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