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February 2004 Edition

The Rise and Fall of Restorative Justice on Boulder’s University Hill

Thomas Russell provides background to the initiation and decline of a restorative justice programme in Boulder, Colorado. His description provides lessons for restorative justice implementation.


Web resources: The Utah Restorative Justice

The Utah Restorative Justice Conference brought together scholars and practitioners to discuss restorative justice as a response to the problems in the US criminal justice system. Three broad areas were covered in the conference: the practice of restorative justice, theory and jurisprudence, and interdisciplinary perspectives. Conference papers were published in the 2003 volume of the Utah Law Review and made available online.


Book Review:Peacemaking Circles: From Crime to Community.

In this volume on Peacemaking Circles, Kay Pranis, Barry Stuart, and Mark Wedge reflect on their substantial personal experiences to describe the power and process of Circles. With the aim of creating a resource for practitioners, they move beyond theoretical discussions to describe the ‘nut and bolts’ of the Circle, while celebrating the creativity, healing, and personal growth often found in Circles.


Website of the Month:Circles of Support and Accountability

Circles of Support and Accountability is a reintegration programme for released sex offenders. The programme seeks to create a support network for high risk sex offenders, to mediate tensions and disputes between the offender and the community, and to aid the offender in realizing a commitment to become a responsible member of the community by following relapse prevention strategies. The programme was started by Mennonite Central Committee and is now supported by the Chaplaincy Branch of Correctional Services of Canada. This website provides information about the programme and participation.


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