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December 2004 Edition

Truth and Reconciliation in Greensboro

Truth and Reconciliation Commissions have been convened to address human rights atrocities in several countries. The commissions document what happened and the harms that resulted, and when they work well, they point the way toward reconciliation. One community in the United States, Greensboro, North Carolina, is using this model to address the continuing effects of killings that took place during a 1979 civil rights rally. In this article, Joya Wesley, a freelance journalist working with the Greensboro Truth and Community Reconciliation Project (GTCRP) describes the work of the project.


New Community Justice Centre in England.

A new court pilot project in England seeks to solve root problems contributing to crime, increase victim and community involvement in justice processes, and engage offenders with more personal, local accountability.


Victim Offender Meetings:A Restorative Focus for Victims

A sensitive issue for restorative justice programmes is how to approach crime victims about participating in the programmes. In this article, Eric Gilman, restorative justice coordinator for Clark County Juvenile Court, suggests that programmes should respond to victims restoratively, viewing them as people who have needs growing out of the harms they experienced in the crime, rather than simply as possible participants in a VOM process


Book Review: Justicia Restaurativa: Marco Teórico, Experiencias Comparadas y Propuestas de Política Pública.

Justicia Restaurativa is a succinct and informative book on restorative justice divided into three parts: (1) a description of the restorative justice movement; (2) a review of restorative justice experiences in various countries; (3) a description of the current status of restorative justice in Chile, with suggestions for further developments. Miguel Tello reviews this Chilean book.


Website of the Month: Turning Point Partners

Turning Point Partners is a non-profit organisation with the mission “to develop and establish restorative, strength-based systems in schools, courts and communities.”


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