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August 2004 Edition

Tsuu T’ina Peacemaking Justice in Canada

Canada is a world leader in restorative justice in part because of the strong influence of its First Nations peoples. One initiative has been the development of three Canadian courts for use by First Nations peoples only. This article highlights one of those, which applies Tsuu T’ina peacemaking philosophy and circle processes to offending behaviour on the Tsuu T'ina Nation reserve


Creating Alternatives in Northern Ireland.

Haunted by a history of violence, Northern Ireland communities have increasingly explored restorative responses to crime as an alternative to punishment violence used by paramilitary groups. In 1998, Greater Shankill Alternatives (Alternatives) was created to help young offenders learn the impact of their behaviour on themselves, their victims, and their community.


A Story of Healing

Jackie Katounas is a restorative justice practitioner and advocate working with Prison Fellowship New Zealand. She shares this firsthand account of a meeting between a man convicted of murder and the sister of his victim.


Book Review: Accountability in Restorative Justice.

An early research report on restorative justice used the title Crime and accountability (Marshall and Merry 1990), referring to holding offenders accountable. Declan Roche uses the same word to focus on the need for the system to be accountable. Martin Wright reviews Roche's book, Accountability in Restorative Justice.


Website of the Month: OASIS (Offenders Accountability Synergistic Interactive Service).

OASIS seeks to provide a safe communications vehicle for victims and offenders to work toward healing by telling their stories. For victims this means posting victim impact statements and stories. For offenders it involves posting self-improvement reports and letters of apology. The offenders who participate in this web community have completed an eight hour victim awareness workshop and learned skills in conflict resolution and processing emotions. Currently, the programme is active in Nebraska.


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