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February 2003 Edition

A Ministry of Reconciliation: The Umuvumu Tree Project in Rwanda

With the imminent release of thousands of genocide prisoners angry over eight years of imprisonment without trial into communities still bitter over the violence and death, Prison Fellowship Rwanda, a local NGO, saw the potential for renewed violence and decided to act.


Developing Holistic Approaches in Singapore.

Joseph Ozawa is the Senior Director of the Family and Juvenile Justice Centre (FJJC) of the Subordinate Courts of Singapore. He is active in FJJC’s development of restorative and holistic practices. In this article, he describes three programs now in use in Singapore and relates how the format is important in the Asian context.


Public Opinion and Restorative Justice

Julian V. Roberts of the University of Ottawa and Loretta Stalans of Loyola University are conducting a research review of public opinion research in restorative justice. The purpose of the project is to identify which elements of restorative justice receive public approval and which do not. Julian Roberts has provided a brief description of the project.


Book Review: New Visions of Crime Victims

The ‘ideal victim’, the blameless middle-aged woman on a visit to her ill mother described by Nils Christie, still survives in popular and political debate, but criminologists have recognized that reality is not so simple, and this book takes the analysis further. It looks both at victims who do not fit the stereotype, and at the way in which victims are treated in the criminal justice process.


Leading Edge: Meet Adolfo Ceretti.

Adolfo Ceretti is a researcher and practitioner in Milan, Italy.


Website of the Month: Center for Restorative Justice, Suffolk University.

Suffolk University’s Center for Restorative Justice describes itself as “a community-engaged academic center committed to the promotion of restorative justice practices, principles, and values in New England.” The website offers information on the Center’s work, partnerships, and events.


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