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October 2003 Edition

Restorative Practice in Schools Receives a Boost in the UK.

The Youth Justice Board and the Government’s Children’s Fund in the UK are sponsoring new programs to address misbehaviour in schools. The funding is part of a greater emphasis on using restorative justice by the government. Projects will address bullying, truancy, crimes, and other destructive behaviours, in the expectation that use of restorative processes will reduce the number of students expelled from school each year.


Restorative Justice Week 2003

Restorative Justice Week has been observed internationally for nearly a decade. It is typically held during the third week of November, which this year will be 17-21 November.


Restorative Justice in Schools: Web Resources

Many consider restorative justice theory to be applicable in situations outside the criminal justice system. Conflict is a natural part of community life. One area that has received attention is the school setting. Traditional punishments seem to be ineffective in responding to behaviour problems in schools. For this reason, restorative processes such as mediation, circles, and conferencing have been adapted to the school setting. Below is a listing of articles on the application of restorative theory to school discipline.


Book Review: Beyond Retribution: A New Testament Vision for Justice, Crime, and Punishment.

Previous works on biblical roots of restorative justice have focused on the Hebrew Scriptures. New Testament scholar Chris Marshall has now prepared a well written, cogently argued and widely researched case for restorative justice based on the New Testament scriptures.


Website of the Month: National Association for Community Mediation

The National Association for Community Mediation is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization dedicated to community-based mediation programs. The organization supports the maintenance and growth of community- based mediation programs and processes, engages in advocacy on behalf of those programs, and encourages the development and sharing of resources for these efforts. The following services are available on the website


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