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November 2003 Edition

Victim Offender Conferencing Pilot Project: South Africa

The Victim Offender Conferencing (VOC) pilot project in South Africa was created in 1999 by a coalition of organizations working in restorative justice. This excerpt is from a 2002 research report compiled by Amanda Dissel, manager of the Criminal Justice Programme of the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation, with links to the full-text of the available research reports.


Community Justice Centre of Comox Valley.

The Community Justice Centre of the Comox Valley Society in British Colombia, Canada has been providing restorative services since 1998. Edwarde O’Donnel and Karen Rushton provide an overview of the programme and of an in-house evaluation of participant satisfaction.


Restorative Justice in Responding to Sexual Offending: A Web Review

The use of restorative justice in response to certain crimes requires special expertise and careful preparation. Sexual offending is one area that raises many questions. There are concerns about revictimization, power imbalances, the return of sex offenders to the community, and the prevention of reoffending. Nevertheless, many programmes are working in this area.


Book Review: Critical Issues in Restorative Justice: Advancing the Agenda in Aotearoa New Zealand.

In 2002, a number of conversations were organized in New Zealand among practitioners, policy makers, and academics on critical issues facing restorative justice. The principal contribution of this book lies in its summaries of the discussions among participants, liberally supported by direct quotes which capture the depth and range of feelings generated by the topics. The focus of the book is on the practices and future of restorative justice in New Zealand, but its messages are of wider interest and significance.


Website of the Month: Youth Justice Board for England And Wales

The Youth Justice Board is an official public body working in crime prevention in England and Wales. The board has created the Youth Justice System, which seeks to be a crime prevention agency and provide diversion for young offenders at all levels of the system. Restorative Justice is a key component to the youth justice strategy. Originally, the Board maintained the Restorative Justice Knowledge Bank. The information has been incorporated into this parent site for the Youth Justice Board.


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