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Website of the Month: Restorative Justice Trust.

The Restorative Justice Trust was created in 1999 with the goal of promoting best practice in restorative justice throughout New Zealand. Among its tasks are to teach restorative justice theory and practice and to evaluate the best practice of restorative justice projects. The Trust’s website contains information about the activities of the organization.
Writings and Articles lists articles written by people working with the Trust. 

RJ Pilot provides a description pilot project conducted in 2000. A Restorative Justice Practice Manual was developed for this project. 

Judgments considering RJ give a listing of full-text documents from New Zealand court cases where restorative justice practices have been considered. 

RJ and Sentencing Act 2002 outlines the provisions of New Zealand’s Sentencing Act of 2002 that included restorative justice. 

Legal Aid Fees describes the fees that Legal Services Agency will pay for restorative justice interventions.

June 2003

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