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December 2003 Edition

Restorative Justice Theory and Practice: Mind the Gap!

Theo Gavrielides, a researcher at the London School of Economics, recently completed a qualitative investigation of possible discrepancies between the implementation of restorative justice practices and the development of restorative justice theory.


The UK Government's restorative justice strategy

The UK Government released a strategy and consultation paper on restorative justice on July 22nd. It outlined the government's commitment to developing restorative practices and asked for comments from the general public. The Home Office is now seeking international responses to the consultation paper.


Trends in the Pilot

The court-referred restorative justice pilot project in New Zealand is finishing its second year and some trends are being seen. These include the reasons that offenders and victims choose for going to conference, the percentages of cases going to conference, and after conference outcomes


Book Review: Juvenile Justice Systems: An International Comparison of Problems and Solutions.

This presents detailed information on common themes, problems, strengths, and weaknesses of juvenile justice systems among Canada, the United States, England and Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia.


Restorative Justice and Public Policy: A Web Bibliography

As the use of restorative practices grows, there is a greater awareness of the need to create good public policy around the issues of implementation, evaluation, and practice. The following list offers a variety of resources addressing restorative justice in the public policy or legislative arena. These include governmental discussion papers, theoretical considerations of legislating for restorative justice, examples of national and inter-governmental documents, and programme evaluations.


Website of the Month: CR Info, The Conflict Resolution Network

CRInfo is a complex database that houses over 20,000 resources related to conflict resolution.


Recent Changes to Restorative Justice Online


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