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October 2002 Edition

Using the Internet to Help Victims and Offenders Heal

OASIS -- Offender Accountability Synergistic Interaction Service -- uses the Internet to educate victims and community about restorative justice, to provide a safe place for victims express the impact of crime, and to allow offenders offer to make amends with their victim and community.


New Restorative Justice Award announced.

The PFI Centre for Justice and Reconciliation is announcing a new award to recognize significant advances in the implementation of restorative justice. The recipient will receive a cash award of $5,000 (US) .


New Zealand Expands Official Recognition of Restorative Justice

With passage of the Sentencing Act 2002 in May, New Zealand appears set to further increase its use of restorative justice practices in responding to crime


Website of the Month: New South Wales Department of Corrective Services.

New South Wales (NSW) Restorative Justice Unit, a section of the NSW Department of Corrective Services, was created in 1999 as a pilot project to provide Victim-Offender Conferencing and Mediation services. Links within the website explain the philosophy and practice of restorative justice as a course of action designed to repair damage done as a result of criminal or anti-social acts.


Book Review: Restorative Justice and Family Violence.

This book is a compilation of papers presented in 2000 at a conference on the controversial subject of restorative justice and family violence. Practitioners and legal experts in restorative justice, the women’s movement (particularly the battered women’s movement), the indigenous self-determination movement, and domestic violence were invited to discuss key issues from a variety of perspectives


Leading Edge: Meet Pedro Scuro.

Pedro Scuro is a researcher and writer working with restorative practices in Brazil.


Recent Changes to Restorative Justice Online


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