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July 2002 Edition

Restorative Practices and Reoffending

Recently, a short article in The Report (1) questioned Canada's use and support of restorative justice programmes. The article quoted a claim in the May issue of Canadian Lawyer that after five years of use there was no proof that restorative justice programmes work. However, recent research has demonstrated that restorative justice programs do in fact reduce recidivism.


Experimenting with Restorative Practices in Brazil

Several Brazilian organizations are exploring restorative justice philosophy and processes as a means of changing justice practice by


Website of the Month: European Forum of Victim Offender Mediation and Restorative Justice.

In December 2000, the European Forum for Victim Offender Mediation and Restorative Justice was formed for the purpose of connecting VOM practitioners throughout Europe. The Forum facilitates formal contact between mediation specialists - researchers, practitioners and policy makers - involved in the continuing development of effective Restorative Justice practices. One tool for performing this task is the recently developed website.


Restorative Justice in New Orleans.

Turning Point Partners is a restorative justice initiative in New Orleans, Louisiana. The group, led by Lou Furman and Jean Handley, has developed programs for the youth court, juvenile institutions, and a local charter school. Turning Point Partners sees restorative justice as a tool for teaching the skills and values needed for creating healthy and safe communities. This article about their program below was written by Lou Furman.


Book Review: Truth v. Justice: The Morality of the Truth Commissions

For societies emerging from an oppressive and a violent past to a more democratic political order, it has become relatively common to deal with traumatic conditions and wrongs of that past through some form of truth commission. Various frameworks – consisting of philosophical, moral, cultural, and political perspectives – may differently shape the processes and purposes of particular commissions.


Leading Edge. Meet Kay Pranis and Terry O'Connell

Kay Pranis is the restorative justice planner for the Minnesota Department of Corrections. Terry O'Connell is the director of Real Justice Australia.


Recent Changes to Restorative Justice Online


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