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February 2002 Edition

Minnesota State Supreme Court Upholds Use of Sentencing Circles

A January 2002 Minnesota Supreme Court decision reinforced the purpose and decision-making authority of sentencing-circles. The case questioned whether a circle could include a stay of adjudication as a part of sentencing recommendations.


Reforms Create Open Door for Restorative Justice in Chile

Chile is enacting significant justice system reforms that seem to be opening doors for more restorative elements . Problems with crime and lack of trust in the criminal justice system provoked both the government and civil society to seek new options and creative solutions when seeking justice. These include more emphasis on victim’s issues, the creation of community mechanisms for dealing with conflict, and the introduction of mediation projects into schools.


Book Review: Restorative Justice: Philosophy to Practice

This is a collection of essays discussing many elements in the interaction between philosophy and practice.


Website of the Month: Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation

South Africa's Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) was founded in January 1989. The organizers’ primary goal was, and is, to advance reconciliation and democracy and to build a human rights culture within South Africa's government and society.


Leading Edge: Meet Mara Schiff and Jayne Crisp.

Mara Schiff is a restorative justice researcher interested in the impact of restorative justice on communities. Jayne Crisp is a practitioner and trainer working with victims.


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