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April 2002 Edition

Community Service in Uganda

On November 6th 2001, the Deputy Chief Justice of Uganda announced the official implementation of Community Service orders in Uganda. The announcement marked the culmination of several years of development and preparation. Originally intended to lower prison populations and provide more humane treatment for offenders, the new policies provide space for participation by victims and the community, while creating room for the growing use of restorative process.


Mediation in Finland

In three recently-published articles, Juhani Iivari provides a glimpse into the development, use, and possible future of victim offender mediation in Finland.


Canada to Propose UN Adoption of Declaration of Basic Principles On Restorative Justice.

The Government of Canada will introduce a resolution this month calling for UN adoption of the Declaration of Basic Principles on the Use of Restorative Justice Programmes in Criminal Matters. This action will take place at the Eleventh Session of the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, meeting in Vienna from 16-26 April 2002.


Book Review: Forgiveness and Reconciliation: Religion, Public Policy, and Conflict Transformation

This is a collection of essays exploring the meaning of forgiveness and its impact on policy.


Website of the Month: Victim Offender Mediation Association.

VOMA is an international organization formed in the early 1980’s from an informal network of practitioners, researchers, and theorists in victim-offender mediation and restorative justice. VOMA’s members provide leadership and professional support in best practices, ethical guidelines, and peer support for victim-offender mediation practitioners within various criminal justice systems.


Leading Edge: Meet Christa Pelikan, Marian Liebmann, Dan Van Ness, Peg Christian, and Juhani Iivari.

Christa Pelikan is a researcher working on victim-offender mediation in Austria. Marian Liebmann is a mediation practitioner and trainer from the UK. Dan Van Ness is the executive director of the PFI Centre for Justice and Reconciliation. Peg Christian is a practitioner and advocate in Southwest Colorado. Juhani Iivari researches victim-offender mediation in Finland.


Making Good by Martin Wright Now Available Full-Text.

Martin Wright was an early advocate for restorative justice in the UK and Europe, and continues to provide leadership there and abroad. His 1982 book, Making Good, proposed a new emphasis on victims and on having offenders make amends. His complete book is now available online.


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