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Government of Belgium. Law of 22 June 2005 on mediation
This legislation addresses the use of mediation in the the Belgian criminal code. The text is in French and Dutch.
Put, Johan and Vanfraechem, Inge and Walgrave, Lode. Restorative dimensions in Belgian youth justice.
The revised Belgian Youth Justice Act (YJA) (2006) is featured as a case study due to the important restorative justice dimensions that it has introduced. The legal system in Belgium is dominated by a civil law regime with a deep-seated tradition in youth justice characterized by an almost exclusively ‘treatment’-oriented approach. Whilst the implementation of the revised YJA has encountered some challenges, it has also revealed that it is possible to prioritize restorative processes within a conventional civil law regime. That being said, the fundamental change that the Act aspired to achieve is only made possible by the application of additional measures. (author's abstract)

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