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Restorative justice and burglary victims and perpetrators.

Umbreit, Mark S. Victim Understanding of Fairness: Burglary Victims in Victim-Offender Mediation.
This study reports on interviews with 50 burglary victims from Hennepin County, MN to gain an understanding of their perception of fairness. The concept of fairness took on a variety of meanings for the victims; the most prominent dimension was the importance of opportunities to participate in the criminal justice process. Additional findings are presented. Three types of victims were identified: the "healer," who stresses rehabilitation for the juvenile offender; the "fixer," who stresses compensation and the need to face consequences by repairing damage; and the "avenger," who stresses firm punishment often in an institutional setting.
Umbreit, Mark S. "Crime Victims and Offenders in Mediation: An Emerging Area of Social Work Practice."
This paper describes victim offender mediation (VOM) and discusses the purpose using a case study of a household burglary. The mediation session helped the victim achieve closure and helped the offender to understand the consequences of their behavior and provided an opportunity to make amends. Finally, the author discusses the program implementation of VOM.
Murray, P and Launay, G. Victim/Offender Groups
This chapter reports on the Victims and Offenders In Conciliation (VOIC) project in the Medway towns, Kent. This program brings burglary victims together with young offenders convicted of burglary incarcerated in the Rochester Youth Custody Centre. The authors present the rationale for bringing victims and offenders together, and describe the main aspects of VOIC, including the referral system, the activities participants take part in, and their reactions to each other. Finally, the results of the evaluation is presented along with some of the problems encountered.
Editor. Newsletter June 2005
This short newsletter includes the words of a convicted burglar who agreed to meet with the victim of his crime and his reflection on the effects of the conference on both of them.
Ortiz, Jason and Henikman, Ross and Hargrove, Erik and Graves, Maria. Changes in Sentencing Policy: Sentencing Policy Changes in Response to Residential Burglary Offenders
With overtaxed correctional facilities, both in terms of budgets and space, and the prevalence of residential burglary in the United States alternatives to traditional sentences must be considered. Restorative justice practices can not only have a greater impact upon the offender, but also show promise in helping to alleviate some of the emotional injury that is suffered by residential burglary victims. (excerpt)

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