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Kinds of Crimes

At first, restorative programmes were used for juveniles with short records and relatively minor crimes. Over time, however, the programmes have been adjusted to work with adults as well, and with more serious nonviolent crimes and even violent crimes. The legal effect of agreements tends to vary based on the crime; for less serious crimes the judge may adopt the agreement as the sentence, while in homicide cases, for example, there is little if any impact on the defendant's sentence. In those instances restorative encounters are used to help the victim's (and the offender's) healing.
Restorative justice and theft victims and perpetrators.
Restorative justice and burglary victims and perpetrators.
Restorative justice and victims and perpatrators of corruption.
Driving While Intoxicated
Restorative justice and DWI victims and perpetrators.
Domestic Violence
Restorative justice for domestic violence victims and perpetrators.
Hate Crime
Restorative justice and hate crime victims and perpetrators.
Sexual Violence and Abuse
Restorative justice for sexual violence and abuse victims and perpetrators.
Violent Crimes
Restorative justice and victims and perpetrators of violent crime
Restorative justice for homicide survivors and perpetrators.
Environmental Crimes
Restorative justice and environmental crime victims and perpetrators.
White Collar Crime
Restorative justice and white collar crime victims and perpetrators.

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