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Probation and Victims

Articles and other resources on probation's work with victims of crime.

Good practice Manual: Restorative justice – Support and counselling for crime victims.
From the Introduction to the Manual: As the name implies, the Restorative Justice – Support and Counselling for Crime Victims project was carried out under the philosophical umbrella of Restorative Justice theories and practice. This is not the fi rst time the project partners are encountering the topic and concept of Restorative Justice. One could say that the Czech Probation and Mediation Service has restorative justice in its job description, and the Service is one of its greatest proponents. The Association of Citizen Advice Centres and its centres, the establishment of which in the 1990s was strongly inspired by British citizen advice centres, has been working with the Probation and Mediation Service for nearly eight years and is making an important contribution towards the development of Restorative Justice principles in projects focused on crime victims.
Promising victim related practices in probation and parole
From the executive summary of the publication: Historically, probation and parole practices have been offender-directed and have ignored or passively responded to the concerns of crime victims. While offender supervision strategies are aimed at protecting the public as a whole from further victimization, the interests of individual victims often are lost under the mass of paperwork and growing caseloads of offenders. Promising Victim-Related Practices and Strategies in Probation and Parole addresses ways probation and parole can change from simply offender-directed to a balanced approach, addressing the specific needs of each of the key players, including victims.
New Staffordshire crime-fighting partnership praised by Justice Secretary
from the article by Sonya Britton iin This Is Staffordshire On a visit to Staffordshire's new integrated crime-fighting hub, Justice Secretary Lord McNally met former offenders, victims of crime, and staff from police, probation and drug treatment agencies. And Lord McNally was impressed at the joint working shown by the 180° Integrated Offender Management partnership, which aims to help tackle the most challenging and prolific offenders in Staffordshire in an integrated way.
Increasing restitution for crime victims: A toolkit
from the entry by Jeanette Moll on Right on Crime: The National Center for Victims of Crime recently released a “Restitution Toolkit,” which provides state agencies and external organizations information on instituting or furthering restitution opportunities for crime victims. The information is in-depth and comprehensive, including:
Johnston, Peter. "Probation Contact with Victims: Challenging Through-Care Practice"
Victim enquiries are set to become an established feature of good through-care practice, despite the ambivalence that many staff still feel about this kind of direct involvement with victims and their families. Peter Johnston, Senior Probation Officer responsible for victim enquiries in part of West Yorkshire, details the provisions of Probation Circular 61/1995: Probation Service Contact with Victims, addresses some areas of ambiguity and commends West Yorkshire’s approach using specialist staff.
Smit, J.. "The Role of Probation in Restitution Procedures."
This article discusses the role of probation in restitution procedures. The author firsts outlines briefly the Dutch context of the probation services. Secondly, the significance of compensation and restitution are considered from a theoretical frame of reference of social order,. Third, the results of an investigation among probation officers aimed at identifying their contribution in these procedures are presented. Finally, an attempt is made to picture the future role of probation.

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