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Victims Support Agency (2009). A victim's voice: Victim impact statements in Victoria. Melbourne: Department of Justice.

VIS legislation has been in operation since 1994 and it is timely to consider whether the legislative aims are being realised. The Attorney-General, the Honourable Rob Hulls MP, directed the Victims Support Agency (VSA), Department of Justice (DOJ) to undertake research to assess the effectiveness of VISs. In particular, whether VISs: are the appropriate tool to inform the court about the impact of the crime; assist the court in determining sentence; increase victims’ levels of satisfaction and; therefore participation in the criminal justice system. In order to explore these issues in Victoria, the VSA conducted extensive consultations with key stakeholders involved in the VIS process including police, prosecutors, defence counsel, the judiciary and magistracy, victims’ service agencies, witness assistance services and victims of crime. The Report A Victim’s Voice: Victim Impact Statements in Victoria (‘the Report’) discusses key findings in relation to VIS legislation in Victoria. (excerpt)


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