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Kirchengast, Tyrone (2009). Integrating restorative approaches in victim's compensation and assistance. In, Margerie Segrave, ed., Critical Criminology Conference. Conference proceedings Australian and New Zealand Criminology Conference. School of Political and Social Inquiry, Monash University. pp. 122-131.

This paper provides a critical assessment of the legislation establishing criminal injuries compensation and victim assistance schemes across the states and territories of Australia. These programs are assessed in terms of the extent to which they limit a victim’s participation in the criminal jurisdiction for an alternative administrative milieu that actually removes the victim from the criminal law. The extent to which this restoration occurs in an administrative framework as an adjunct to the criminal jurisdiction is assessed with the view to provide the victim of crime greater access to the criminal law as the site of the resolution of the criminal offence. Issues regarding the integration of victim interests, such as the need to preserve defendant rights, is discussed. (author's abstract)


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