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Editor (2009). Sierra Leone: A country review of crime and criminal justice, 2008 Monograph 160, Institute for Security Studies.

As a participating country in the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) under the New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD) – which Sierra Leone acceded to in 2004 – the country is an appropriate candidate for a review of its criminal justice system. Although the justice system is not included in the APRM review process, it has important implications for democracy and good governance. This review is intended to complement the formal APRM process by focussing [sic] on a sector currently outside its focus. Assessment of the criminal justice system in Sierra Leone focused on policing and prosecution, prisons, the judiciary, access to justice, juvenile justice, customary justice and the various international and regional treaties relating to crime and the criminal justice system signed and ratified and taken on board by Sierra Leone. Primary and secondary sources were employed extensively to carry out the assessment. The primary sources comprised in-depth discussions, interviews and focus-group discussions with selected respondents. The secondary sources comprised information from desk research and literature reviews. (excerpt)


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